Habitat for Humanity to take applications

By Riley Manning

Daily Journal

TUPELO – Northeast Mississippi Habitat for Humanity will be taking applications for those in need of a home next week. Habitat for Humanity takes applications only twice each year, and completes about eight houses per year.

Director Donna Jarrell said those applying for a Habitat home must show bad current housing or an inability to afford a better residence. Applicants will be considered who are unable to obtain a loan through a bank or mortgage company, or who spend more than one-fourth of their income on rent.

“Bad housing” means the house has leaky roofing, bad plumbing or wiring, or poor heating. “Bad housing” also can entail male and female children living in the same room, teens sharing a bedroom with very young children, or three or more children sharing a bedroom.

Jarrell said the organization will visit an applicant’s current home to determine if he or she qualifies. Applicants must have lived “on their own” – not with a parent or relative – for one year.

Jarrell also said applicants will purchase their home in the form of monthly mortgage payments. These payments usually total less than $400, and include taxes and insurance. Recipients also are required to make at least $1,000 each month and must have held the same employment for more than one year.

After approval for a Habitat house, recipients must complete 300 hours of volunteer work through working in the Habitat office, or laboring on their homes or the homes of others. Those approved will go through homeowner training and will take over maintenance from the time they move in.

Information meetings for applicants will be held Nov. 4 and Nov. 5 at the Habitat for Humanity Office located at 213 West Main St. in Tupelo. Applicants are only required to attend one session, and need to bring a Social Security card for everyone living in their household, proof of all income and proof of all current bills, paid and unpaid.


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