Habitual offender’s assault plea brings a 20-year sentence of Pontotoc County man

By Pontotoc Progress

PONTOTOC – A Pontotoc County man has been sentenced under the habitual offender law for aggravated assault and has received a 20-year sentence.
Antrion Farr pled guilty to aggravated assault as a habitual offender for a first count, and grand larceny as a non-habitual offender for a third count, in circuit court recently.
A second count was retired to the files.
The grand larceny charge drew him a five year suspended sentence, however the aggravated assault charge drew him a 20-year day-for-day sentence.
Under the habitual offenders law those sentenced aren’t allowed any early release time or time off for good behavior. The sentence must be served in full.
Other cases were also heard before the judges during the three week term.
Stacy Yates aka Stacy Burroughs pled guilty to uttering a forgery and was sentenced to ten years with eight suspended. Count two of the indictment was retired to the files.
Barbara Russell pled under H99-15-26 expungement clause to two counts of the sale of marijuana. She also received five years probation. These cases will run concurrent to each other.
Joseph W. Mixon pled guilty to two counts of burglary of an automobile and received a seven-year suspended sentence for each count. Counts three and four were retired to the files.
Ronald Cooper was appearing before the judge to have his probation revoked.
In December 2003 he was sentenced to 20 years with 10 suspended and placed in five years post release supervision.
On March 1 of this year, Cooper was arrested in Tippah County for manufacturing of meth and possession of meth. He also owed January, February and March probationary fees and failed to pay circuit court fees.
The judge ruled that all his time will remain suspended provided he enrolls and completes treatment at the Region III mental health center at his cost.
Kim Garmon was also before the judge for probation revocation. In July 2006 she was sentenced to 15 years with 12 suspended. In March, Garmon picked up a shoplifting charge. The judge ruled that the remaining seven years of her sentence will remain suspended pending her future good behavior.
Matthew Burks post release supervision was revoked because he has not reported to the MDOC since November, 2009. He was given five years and he must successfully complete the RID program.
Mitchell Sawn McCord received a 15-year with 10 suspended sentence in April, 2002.
Recently he was charged with fraud in acquisition of a controlled substance and his probation was revoked.
The 10 years in this case will remain suspended and it will run consecutive with the other case which he pled to in November of 2004, in which he received an eight year sentence with six suspended.
The judge ruled that he must serve three years. However, if he gets in trouble when he is freed from incarceration, the other ten will be imposed.
More cases will be released in future papers.