Had good church attendance at Mt

Had good church attendance at Mt. Comfort Sunday morning and night and 108 for Sunday morning services. Bro. Harrelson brought two good messages. We were glad to have our visitors and welcome them back anytime.
Bro. John Lancaster visited us Tuesday afternoon. Johnny Butler visited Saturday afternoon.
Wayne and Nora Green attended the singing at West Shady Grove Church Saturday night. Wayne attended Brotherhood at Rocky Branch Sunday morning. Robert Melton was the speaker.
Bertha Casey is back home from the hospital and seems to be doing some better.
Jimme Mee McCormick Went with Audie Mae Austin to her niece’s funeral, Mary Ruth Carnathan at W.E. Pegues Funeral Home in Tupelo last Thursday.
Vara Nabors and Faye Campbell went to the nursing home last Friday and visited the patients. Vara’s weekend visitors were Beverly Smallwood and son Greg Sandifer from Hattiesburg. They were here for the funeral of Willie Wilburn McGreger.
If any one needs any pine straw. We have plenty of it. You are welcome to it.
A good Monday morning to one and all. Hope everyone is well and happy and enjoying this Memorial Holiday and maybe rain. Some few people say it’s about dry enough to work in the gardens.
We had a good day at church yesterday – with a few missing like visiting and family get togethers. My sister Sarah, Terry and Patrick came Friday and we ate out.
Last Monday some nice people came and worked – built me a picnic table and cleaned up some in the yard – some good work. I really appreciate them.
A singing Saturday night, May 30, featuring the Long Way to Go and Alan Sibley and Magnolia Ramblers.
Wayne and Nora Green attended singing at West Shady Grove Saturday night. Wayne attended Brotherhood at Rocky Branch Sunday morning.
John and Rita attended the Bevill family reunion Sunday at Sardis.
Mr. Albert visited Myrl and attended church.
Lord’s Supper will be Sunday.
Long Way to Go and Alan Sibley and the Bluegrass Ramblers will be in concert Saturday, May 30 at Lantrip Baptist Church starting at 6 p.m.0
The Baptist Association Emphasis Week of Prayer is May 17 – 23.
Wedding anniversaries this week: May 24 – Henry and Delois Mays, Shane and Tiffany Regan, Earl and Jane Spratlin; May 25 – Bro. Dale and Doug Easley, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Easley, Kirby and Gail Thames; May 26 – Jim and Anita Dugard, Bro. Joey and Connie Hamillton; May 27 – Danny and Sharon Bailey, Robert and Cassandra Willis, Benny and Myra Hill; May 28 – Danny and Mary Ruth Tutor, Tim Jack and Stephanie Edmondson; May 30 – Chris and Camille Reifers, Steven and Heather Black.
Birthdays this week: May 24 – Grant Hartley, Marquesha Robertson, Jacob Rashad Morgan, Javarius Morgan, Bobby Stephens, Florence Humphries, Ashley Mann; May 25 – Mary Holder, Peggy Skinner, Ja Leachman, Heath Denley, Tim Allen, Wiley Ewing, Christopher McGregor, Johnny Nichols, David Crum, Joy Brownlee; May 26 – Thomas Mitchell, Ron Merrill, Kristy Peacock, Bonnie Tunnell, Charlie Langford, Hannah Olive, Kiza Trice, Terri McAlester; May 27 – Jessica Haire, Tony Smart, Baylas Hamilton, Timothy Sieren; May 28 – Janice Bennett, J.R. Penick, Wayne Johnson, Eric Clark, Sharon Bailey, Lucy Logan Murphree, Austin Smith, Shane Ingram, McKinsey Harvey, Jude Gray; May 29 – Buck Raley, Michael Landreth, Clifton Cardwell, Anamarie Caradine, Joy Brownlee Hervey, Michael Bryant, Sr., Josey Collums, Michal Joy Moore, Andrew Hill, Donna Mathis; May 30 – Robin Bray, Kayla Williams, Thelma Buchanan, Britt Criddle, Mary Sue Wells, DeWayne Winter, Danyell Black, Walt Harrington, Mary Ann Parker.
County Line Baptist Church in Pontotoc County had revival last week with Evangelist Randy Roberts. Bro. John Lancaster and Bro. Justin Gates and I attended the Monday evening service.
Good service at Pleasant Agers last Wednesday at Pleasant Grove. Bro. James Caulder, current pastor at Sherman, was guest speaker. He pastored Pleasant Grove for some 25 years.
Bro. Caulder and his wife will observe their 50th wedding anniversary this month. This means that half of his married life was spent as pastor at Pleasant Grove.
His current pastorate at Sherman has been almost as many years as Pleasant Grove.
Speaking of anniversaries, Jo Turner called last week – Delaine and Jo will be married 55 years May 31.
Old Town Baptist Church, where Bro. Justin Gates is pastor, will have a musical concert Saturday may 30 starting at 7 p.m. The Layman Quartet of Houston will be guest singers.
Thanks to Janie Blount who gave me a ticket to attend BHS graduation Friday evening. Her and her Alvin Junior’s son Jeremy Blount, was among the 89 graduates at Bruce.
This this past week to Mildrid Hardin for a freshly made old fashioned “egg custard”.
Fishers of Men Quartet did real well at West Shady Grove Baptist Church near Eupora Saturday evening.
Pastor Lancaster requested that Bro. Justin Gates drive his car back to Vardaman for him due to rainy weather.
J.D. Long was chairman of the New Liberty memorial Sunday. Musicians were Charlotte Hill, Gail Crow, Wayne Harmon and Bro. Jeff Harmon.
Bro. Jeff also played the piano and sang a special. Bro Robert Grady Dorroh led a couple of songs.
The two oldest in attendance at the singing was cousin Modene Sutherland, 95, and cousin Lavenia Dye, 90.
Sorry to learn from Moden that James was not doing as well at Louisville.
Sunday visitors with Agnes Gillespie were her sisters from Pontotoc – Charla Frances Austin and Virginia Haupt.
New Parkersburg Baptist Church north of Houston has set June 1 – 3 for revival. Bro. Sammy Hardin, pastor, has invited me to speak each night at 7 p.m.
Hope 16 year-old Jonathan Collins of Mathiston has a speedy recovery from recent heart-valve repair work in Memphis. He is the grandson of Kay Alexander of Reid
Sympathy to all bereaved families including: Wilbur “Red” McGreger, Norma Shelton, Audrey Liles, William Hubbard, Sr., and Paul Lowrimore.
Our prayers are fro Maxine Shinall of Oak Grove. Made a short visit there last week.
This year, as we celebrate Memorial Day, many members of our military are fighting in two wars, in Iraq and Afghanistan. Almost 5,000 Americans have died in those wars. Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday in May. On that day, we honor the memories of men and women who have died while serving our country. Thanks to Jerry Fox for placing flags on the graves of men who went to war, that are buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery.
Happy birthday wishes to: Brandon Rimer, Terry Hamilton
May 31st is fifth Sunday. We will have the Lord’s Supper at our morning service and our hymn sing and potluck that evening.
Everyone is invited to a baby shower for Alicia McGonagill on Saturday, Jun 6 th in the Pleasant Hill fellowship hall from 2:00 – 4:00. It’s a girl!
Sue Cannon will have back surgery at NMMC. She has been in so much pain. Please remember her in your prayer time.
Diane Easley is at home from NMMC, and doing good after her back surgery.
Pam Burt was honored with a pizza party at Off the Alley for her birthday last Monday. She was the big 50! Haley Caviness made her cake, it was beautiful, and really good.
Norma House Shelton was buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Monday morning. Norma was raised at Pleasant Hill. Norma and I had a lot of good times together, when we were growing up, and playing ball together. Norma’s family has our love and deepest sympathy.
Audry Liles’, of Slate Springs, funeral will be Tuesday morning at Parker Funeral Home. Audry was a friend to everyone. My family learned to love her when we had family in the Calhoun Health Services Nursing Home. We extend our love and deepest sympathy to her family.
Kelley Wagner of Calhoun City spent several days and nights last week with Sue Hubbard.
Rusty and Michelle Good got a new double-wide mobile home last week. They put it where the old one was.
Regional and Billie Brand ate supper one night last week with George Hitt.
We extend our love and deepest sympathy to William Hubbard Sr., family. Funeral services were Tuesday tat 2 p.m. at Pryor Funeral Home Chapel. Burial was in the Chapel Hill Cemetery in Big Creek.
Congratulations to all the Calhoun County graduates. We wish you the best of luck in what ever you choose to do in the future.
Nancy Funderburg will go to Dr. James Moore in Jackson Tuesday May 26th and Dr. Julian Hill Wednesday the 27th. I am frightened to go, so much has happened to my good friends. Please pray that I will get a good report.
Tri-Community Homemaker Club has a quilt on display in the window at Off the Alley. The quilt was made from the winning entries of their art contest held in March in recognition of the Youth Art Month. Chances on the quilt can be purchased at Off the Alley and at the club’s boot at the Ace Cannon Festival. The club will also be selling candy bards and bottled water featuring artwork from the contest. All proceeds will go toward purchasing a trailer for the dive team.
I hope each of you had a Happy Memorial Day. We can never thank the men and women enough who died in service to their country so that we could have the freedoms that we have today. We must never forget these brave men and women who sacrificed everything for us.
We have several birthdays this week, May 26th, Josh Maughan and Casey Crump Lafoe; May 28th, Van Russell; May 30th, Jaime Gregory and Anna Collums; and Happy Anniversary to Lisa and Gary Schmitz on the 30th.
Gayle and I had a pleasant surprise last week. Ruth Cozart Rucker called and invited us to supper with her and her brother, Tommy Cozart. John and Shirley Ellard also ate with us. Ruth lives in Crystal Springs, Mississippi, and Tommy lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They are the children of Louie and Ila Cozart who lived across the street from Mr. and Mrs. Bullard for many years. Their sister, the late Bobbie Jean Cozart Forrest, was a dear friend of Gayle’s sister, Ellen.
Our sympathy is extended to the family of Wilbur McGreger. Wilbur was married to Mrs. Bullard’s double first cousin, Lulee Roane McGreger. Lulee’s father, Uncle Leslie Roane, was the brother of Mrs. Bullard’s mother, Lide Roane Malone. Her mother was the sister of Mrs. Bullard’s father, Ell Malone. Back then people didn’t have cars, so they married people who went to church with them or lived near them. Wilbur was so funny and would keep the kids laughing all the time. He had a wonderful sense of humor. Ellen’s kids always called him amp”Cheetahamp” after the chimp on Tarzan, because he could make monkey sounds and they thought he was the greatest thing.
There are some other families who lost loved ones this week. Peggy Neese, who works with me, lost her father, Mr. Alvin Whitaker, on Saturday. Mr. Whitaker had been sick for awhile. Remember Peggy and her mother in your prayers.
Also, Audry Liles, a Bruce native, died Sunday. I knew Audry’s mother, Virginia. Audry was devoted to her family and her work at the nursing home. She helped a lot of people handle the paperwork associated with getting someone admitted to the nursing home and was always willing to explain everything and was so nice.
I have some news from Mrs. Henry Ernest Reid. She fell and hurt herself and has been in the hospital in New Albany. She is better now and has been transferred to rehab. As you know, Henry Ernest is in New Albany to be with her son, Dr. Shaw and Mrs. Charlotte Reid. We want to send our best wishes and thoughts to Henry Ernest. May you be better soon.
Gayle, Mary, Emily and I attended the graduation ceremonies at the Bruce High auditorium, Friday night. Our granddaughter, Jaime Gregory, received her diploma with honors. We were so proud to see her up on the stage. Because of the rain, the ceremonies were moved from the football field and only so many people were allowed inside the auditorium. It was pretty full.
I didn’t get any news from Nonie this week. I think she has been under the weather. DeeAnn Franklin has been sick with the stomach virus and has been pretty sick.
I hope everyone enjoyed seeing the flags we put up around town. Amy White gets all the credit for that. She put them all up by herself and did a great job.
We are getting a new family in town. Bethany Ferguson Lavalley and her family are moving into the house previously owned by Tommy and Diane McCormick on Davis Street. We would like to welcome them to Pittsboro.
We had a fairly quiet Memorial Day. Mary, Eli and Molly Edmondson took off to Florida for a few days so they weren’t here. Emily, Laura, and Lennie, Jaime Gregory and Jeremy Criddle, Deanna Thacker, Reed Gregory and John Michael Crews ate with us. Also, Michelle Blansett visited with us this week. There were very few leftovers with all those young people eating.
Gayle took me on a tour of his garden. He has radishes and we got a few squash and zucchini for dinner. His blueberry bushes are loaded and I hope the birds eat all of them. I hate blueberries and he always puts a ton of them in the freezer and makes blueberry muffins, blueberry pancakes and anything else that can have a blueberry in it. Has anyone else noticed how many fire ants there are this year? They are everywhere. I despise to get stung by one of them.
I hope everyone has a safe and happy week.
Mrs. Henry Ernest Reid recently fell and was in the hospital at New Albany. She is now in rehab and is gradually improving. As you now, Mrs. Henry Ernest lives in New Albany to be with her son, Dr. Shaw and Charlotte Re
Greetings once again from the Shady Grove community on Hipp Hill. Jerry, I, Patsy, Richard, Lauren and Jacob Keel went to Memorial Day services on the square in Bruce today. It was good to see so many people out on a day that looked very rainy. The program was well-planned and effectively carried out. Bro. Usry did a fantastic job for the scheduled speaker, who for some reason did not show. All the other participants on the program carried out their responsibilities in an effective and meaningful manner as well.
We do thank all of our service personnel – both past and present – for their contribution to our freedom. We grieve for those who did not return. They made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. We agree with the poem that was read today, “No, freedom is not free.”
As is our custom, we ate stew with the veterans, their families, and friends at the VFW hut north of Bruce. I must commend the cook (or cooks) who made the stew and all the ladies who cooked desserts. The meal was especially good today.
Before we came home, we stopped by the home of Mr. Elmo and Ms. Louise Smith. He was changing the blade on his lawn mower, and she came out looking “spiffy” in her straw hat. We stopped to pick up some material she had promised to give me. Our visit was short, but we enjoyed it.
Last Saturday martha Sue and Wilborn Johnson traveled to the V.A. Nursing home in Kosciusko for the 88 th birthday party of Mr. Oscar Welch. While there they visited with Mrs. Welsh and with the Johnsons – Carmen, Taylor, and Drew Johnson.
On the way to Kosciusko, Martha and Wilborn stopped in Vaiden at the home of Tom and Nell Rugley where they visited their great-granddaughter, Aly Johnson.
Besides Jerry and me, Mrs. Ruby Howell’s visitors last week were family members, Keith, Norma and Kelly Davidson, Bobby and Faye Howell and Billy Howell.
We made three trips to Memphis last week: to cut our yards, to attend the memorial service for a good friend who attended church with us form 1960 until we moved back to Calhoun County in 2002 and to pick up our tiller which Kalb Equipment Company had repaired for us.
We stopped back by Senatobia on Friday and visited a little while with Winnie Baier. Her husband, Maurice, had walked to Wal-Mart so we didn’t get to see him. We had a good visit with Winnie.
Lauren Keel (Paul’s daughter) and Jacob Keel (Mark’s son) are visiting their grandparents, Patsy and Richard Ellis, at this time. Lauren wanted to see her name in the paper and asked that I not forget to list her. She goes to Pope School and Jacob attends school at Batesville.
We are looking forward to the centennial celebration at our church Sunday. The weatherman has sunny weather in the forecast, and we are hoping that holds true. You are welcome to come and help us celebrate.
May your week be wonderful!

Lisa Voyles

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