Hailstorm damage insurance claims mount

By The Associated Press

JACKSON — Mississippi insurance companies have reported processing more than 56,000 homeowner and automobile damage claims from March’s hailstorm with payouts of $209.4 million through April 15.

Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney says in a news release that there have been very few complaints about how claims have been handled by insurers.

According to the aggregate figures reported to the Department of Insurance, as of April 15, 2013 there have been over 15,000 homeowner claims and nearly 40,000 auto claims filed and paid.

Chaney says the next reporting period is May 1.

There were no injuries from the storm, which dumped chunks of ice as big as baseballs on some parts of Mississippi. The storm pounded a swath from Warren County through Jackson and its suburbs and into Rankin, Scott and Jasper counties.

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