Haiti: How you can help

By Todd Vinyard/Journal Interactive

Miss. missionary safe
The Associated Press
MERIDIAN — A Meridian man, who had joined a missionary group supported by his church and who was in Haiti when an earthquake hit Tuesday, is safe in the Dominican Republic, according to his family.

Greg Hatcher tells The Meridian Star that he talked briefly Thursday to his father, 71-year-old William Hatcher. The elder Hatcher had gone to Haiti to teach local residents how to improve their living conditions through water treatment, irrigation and farming techniques.

The younger Hatcher says his father had joined a mission of the World Mission Department of the Church of God (Holiness), which the family’s local church, Lockhart Church of God, has supported.

The group was set to tour a water purification plant in Port-au-Prince the afternoon of the earthquake.

From Thursday
Thanks to Carlie Kollath for posting this here in the comments. The City of Tupelo will be putting together a relief effort for Haiti. Here is a press release that was sent out:

Friday morning (Jan. 15th) at 9:30 in the lobby of city hall we will have a “Haiti Relief Project” Press Conference.

We’re told that a representative from the American Red Cross and another minister from the area will be joining Mayor Jack Reed and Bishop Parks. We’ll have an update later after the press conference.

Our Let’s Talk feature will continue to deal with how you can help Haiti as we did yesterday.

As a poster reminds below be careful when giving to charitable groups that they are who they say they are. Sad we have to think about that, but we do. A good guide to use is the site Charity Navigator. Click here for a link to Charity Navigator to make sure about the groups you may give to.

Check out who you are giving to, but do give if you can. A good organization is the Red Cross with a link below. If you know of a missionary effort from NEMS to Haiti or a good organization or simply want to offer your thoughts and prayers to the victims post a comment below.

Click here for information on how to donate to the Red Cross.

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