Happy Halloween!

With better weather in the forecast, trick-or-treaters are expected to be out in force tonight walking the streets and collecting their goodies. Here are some tips to help everyone have a happy and safe Halloween, whether collecting candy, handing it out or driving around the streets of Northeast Mississippi.

Halloween basics
– Wear light-colored or reflective costumes.
– Make sure you know the route your children will be traveling to trick or treat.
– Use a flashlight.
– Make sure that if you’re wearing a mask, the eye holes allow you to see on all sides.
– Make sure the costume fits so you don’t trip or fall.
– Kids, don’t eat any candy until your parents check it.
– Parents, check your children’s candy.

Safety on the street
– Remember, children will be walking your neighborhoods so drive carefully and slowly.
– Pay attention to any moving objects.
– Make sure you have your lights on while driving, even if it’s not fully dark yet.

To your good health
– Instead of candy, consider handing out good-for-you treats such as fruit, individually wrapped snacks like graham crackers, popcorn or pretzels or little toys.
– In the days after Halloween, make candy a small part of your daily intake and supersize healthy veggies, fruits and whole grains.
– Try sweet treats like frozen grapes and apples.
– Don’t let Halloween candy linger too long. Get uneaten candy out of the house as soon as possible.
– Take a walk as a family to help burn off the sweet indulgences.

NEMS Daily Journal

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