Hard-boiled eggs out after Okolona woman finds ‘face’ on one

OKOLONA – Dot Kimble is scared of eggs, now that she’s seen a face on one.
Until a couple of Fridays ago, she loved eggs. “I was bad to eat boiled eggs and crackers,” she said.
And that’s how she was feeling June 26 when she boiled two eggs for her mid-morning snack. After enjoying the first egg, she went for the second one.
“I cracked it and didn’t have time to peel it” before the fully boiled egg shot out of the shell, Kimble said last week.
When she looked at the egg, she saw two dimples toward one end and a long, thin, uneven indentation near the other end – to Kimble, two eyes and a mouth, a sight she can’t get over.
“It scared me so bad,” she said. How bad? “I won’t be eating any more eggs. Maybe later, but not for now.”
She has pickled the odd egg, shown it to the locals and now plans to offer it for sale on – where else? – eBay.

Michael Tonos/NEMS Daily Journal

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