Health Department inspects only Mississippi abortion clinic

By Emily Wagster Pettus/The Associated Press

JACKSON — The state Health Department this week inspected Mississippi’s only abortion clinic to see if it’s complying with a 2012 state law that eventually could put it out of business.

Findings aren’t being made public yet, but the clinic remains open.

Health Department spokeswoman Liz Sharlot says it’s standard procedure for findings to be given first to any facility the department inspects, whether it’s a clinic, hospital, restaurant or day care center.

Clinic owner Diane Derzis says Jackson Women’s Health Organization missed a Jan. 11 deadline to comply with a law requiring every person doing abortion there to be an OB-GYN with hospital admitting privileges.

If the clinic is found out of compliance, it can ask the Health Department for an administrative hearing, which could be scheduled within a few weeks.

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