Hed: Lee school board approves purchase requests

Hed: Lee school board approves purchase requests

The Lee County School Board met Tuesday during a regularly scheduled meeting and voted unanimously to approve a number of purchases requested by principals.

Those bid agreements included:

-A $2,750 bid to extend storm drains at Mooreville Elementary by about 350 feet.

– A bid for a $645 fax machine at Saltillo High School. The school will receive some credit for a trade-in on their old machine.

– A bid for three computers, priced at $1,475 each, for Saltillo Elementary School. The computers will be placed in third-grade classrooms and will be networked with a larger computer lab that is open to all students. Partial funding will come from state technology money.

-A $5,004 bid for a new copier at Guntown School.

-Approved payment of $170 per month for mowing services at the district’s bus shop. The board plans to vote later on the purchase of a new mower. The purchase would allow the work to be done in-district.

-Approved Plantersville School’s request to purchase a computer, modem, and software, priced at $2,235. The equipment will be used to computerize student records and other information. State textbook money, which may include technological purchases, will be used to pay for the equipment.

In other business, the board voted to deny Lee Reynolds’ request to locate a fireworks stand on the grounds of Saltillo High School.

The board also assigned two students to the Bissell Center for the remainder of the school year. One student will be on probation for the entire 1996-97 school year, while the second will be placed on probation only for the fall semester.

Monique Harrison

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