HED: Police pursue purloined primate



HED: Police pursue purloined primate

BALDWYN Corinth’s landmark gorilla was snatched from his new Baldwyn home in a weekend midnight raid.

The life-size gorilla statue, standing over five feet tall, was nabbed from the remote lot of Corinth-Pickwick Gutter and Carport company on U.S. Highway 45 across from the Baldwyn McDonald’s.

Baldwyn Police believe the thieves absconded with the ape between midnight and 2:30 a.m. Saturday, when officers discovered the gorilla gone, said Investigator Scott Floyd.

The gorilla had been a fixture outside the company’s Tate Street office in Corinth for more than two and a half years, said employee Keith Sellers. The popular primate was filched just 10 days after making the move to Baldwyn.

“We’d just like to get him back,” Sellers said.

Police initially suspected the gorilla was heisted as a practical joke and would reappear in a school or church yard, Floyd said. However, there have been no reports of gorilla sightings.

This monkey business could mean serious trouble, police said. The gorilla is worth $1,000, making the theft a felony.

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