Hed: Tupelo High students honored for ACT scores

Hed: Tupelo High students honored for ACT scores

From staff reports

About 100 Tupelo High School students with ACT scores of 24 or higher were recognized Wednesday at a ceremony at the Hancock Leadership Center.

Twenty-two students at the 1,850-student school scored 30 or higher on the test, which has a maximum score of 36. Only 2 percent of American students scored 30 or above on the test, which is designed to gauge students’ readiness for college-level work.

“This recognition is important,” Tupelo Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Mike Vinson told the students, before awarding them with medals. “It indicates that our students are demonstrating a very high level of achievement, particularly in comparison to national scores.”

Only 25 percent of American high school students score a 24 or higher on the test.

Students who were recognized included:

ACT score of 30 or above

Seniors: Lindsay Akers, Jonathan Ard, Brandon Ashcraft, Matthew Burgette, Alison Dickey, Timothy Farrar, Bryant Hill, Melissa Kahlstorf, Jana E. Kellems, Scott Levy, Shonadeep Modak, Andrew O’Dell, Chad Parker, Carrie Wade, Jennifer Wesson.

Juniors: Brian Flowers, Kenneth Griswold, Micah Monaghan, Austin Monroe, Gayle Rogers, Jack Wilson.

Sophomores: Kristin Boes.

ACT score between 24 and 29

Seniors: Amy Marie Armstrong, Bradley Bennett, Stephen Brandon, Kimberly Branner, Jacqueline Busby, David Carlisle, Melissa Carlson, Julianna Dempsey, Amanda Douglas, Amy Easley, Jordan Finch, Jessica Flanagan, Sadie Gardner, Amanda Garrett, Anna Gray, Ashley Gunter, Michael Hamilton, Jennifer Hardin, Kelly Harsin, Brad Hayden, Amy Heatherly, Justin Hill, Aimee Hollingsworth, Lisa Johnston, Katie Kennedy, Michael Knight, Laura Leslie, Mimi Long, Jeremy Matthews, Shelley McCarthy, Lucy McCollum, Jennifer McEachern, Amanda McNeil, Charles Miller, Joseph Moffatt, Erin Montgomery, Dana Morgan, Denny Morse, Erik Nolting, Marzetta Osborne, Sonya Owens, Mitzi Parker, Jason Patterson, Jeff Peel, Jennifer Pierce, Meredith Porter, Ann Robinson, Carrie Rutherford, Tommy Sanderson, Shannon Smith, Summer Smith, Will Stewart, Rudy Strahan, Richard Swiney, Suzi Turner, Michael Upton, Daniel Westmoreland, Holly Whipple, Lindsay Whitfield, Will Wikle, Tim Williams, Kai-Sonju Witherspoon, Jacob Wylie.

Juniors: Jeff Boyd, Melissa Braden, Alysia Braswell, Jason Carson, Anna Beth Cother, Jefferson Crews, Betsy Grubbs, Brian Hammond, Cory Hays, Stacy Henderson, Burney Hutchinson, Lori Jamieson, Brannon Kahlstorf, Meredith Kirk, Jake Livingston, Ladd Mark, Katie McAllister, Mel McElroy, Drew McNeil, Emily Merritt, Amanda Nail, Jennifer Oyler, David Pace, Matthew Phillips, Nathan Pitner, Elizabeth Prince, Sarah Robinson, Elizabeth Rogers, Elizabeth Short, Amelia Smith, Elisha Smith, Mitchell Soper, Corey Stricklen, Todd Stringer, Shannon Wages, Scott Weatherly, Beth Wissinger, Jennie Worthen.

Sophomores: Stephenie Gann, Stephen Masley.

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