HED: Union County jury acquits in aggravated assault trial



HED: Union County jury acquits in aggravated assault trial

After a two-and-one-half day trial, a New Albany woman was judged not guilty by a Union County jury Wednesday on charges that she had gone to the home of a romantic rival to attack her with a razor knife.

Lakelar Graham, 20, received the not guilty verdict concerning a June 1999 incident that reportedly began when she went to the New Albany home of Chaka Edwards concerning a man they both had been dating. Both women sustained injuries in the altercation that followed, with Edwards’ receiving numerous cuts across her face and body.

“We demonstrated to the jury that although my client went to the home, she in fact tried to leave before any violence occurred,” said defense attorney Rob Laher, who expressed appreciation to both the jury and the Union County law enforcement officers who investigated the incident.

“That’s what a jury is for to decide whether there’s enough evidence to convict in a case where both parties had a part in it,” said Third District Attorney Jim Hood. “We respect that decision.”

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