HED:Tupelo Internet provider attacked by e-mail

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HED:Tupelo Internet provider attacked by e-mail

A Tupelo Internet service provider was bombed Tuesday night and authorities are searching for the culprit.

Michael Ford, manager of FutureSouth Communications Inc. of Tupelo, said his firm’s computer networking system was inundated about 2:30 p.m. Tuesday with repeated transmissions of an e-mail message that appeared to originate from an Alabama military facility but may actually have come from inside Tupelo.

The repeated mailings – sometimes referred to as e-mail bombs – were intended to tie up FutureSouth’s system, effectively disabling it for customers.

The text of the message appeared to target modern technology.

“For the rise of the Internet shall be no more,” the message read in part. “Technology will destroy mankind and the earth along with it.”

Ford said no motive for the attack was known and system operators noticed it immediately and blocked the incoming messages so customers were not affected.

The messages appeared to emanate from an Army base in Alabama but Ford said the Army believed its system was only used as a decoy.

“We talked to the people in Alabama and they apparently have some reason to believe it came from back in Tupelo,” he said.

He said the Army was investigating the incident.

“Going into a military system is a lot more serious than attacking ours,” Ford said.

-Marty Russell

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