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Shower curtain

Dear Heloise: The clip holes at each end of our shower curtain kept ripping through, making it necessary to try using duct tape and re-punching the holes. I assumed the wear and tear was from rough handling.

I hit upon the idea to use a little thicker shower curtain – which I already had in the house – attaching it behind the other one. It worked great – no more tears to either curtain. – Nancy Friedler, Ontario, NY

Quilt bedspread

Dear Heloise: I was ready to give away a quilt bedspread, but after a second look I decided to make a bunch of place mats since the colors matched my kitchen.

After I cut them to size, I simply hemmed all around and glued (using fabric glue) a matching thin ribbon to cover the sewn hem. Now both sides can be used.

They are washable and are heavy enough to protect my table when warm dishes are placed on them. – Pat Spinosa, Las Vegas

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