Heloise offers tips at Tupelo library talk

TUPELO – Tips on cleaning, raising children and saving money were just a few of the hints passed out by Heloise at her speech at the Lee County Library on Sunday.
Heloise, whose syndicated newspaper column “Hints from Heloise” runs in more than 500 newspapers, spoke on the topic of “Saving Green by Going Green” to an audience of well over 100 as a part of the 2009 Helen Foster Lecture Series at the Library.
Heloise spoke about cheap, safe household products that worked just as well as expensive chemicals and cleaners.
The many uses of vinegar is one of Heloise’s favorite hints.
“I wish I had invented it,” she said, noting that it could be used as window and sink cleaner and weed killer and is a cheap, safe alternative to chemicals. “Every household should have a gallon or two.”
She also mentioned the many uses of baking soda.
“Don’t buy carpet freshener,” she said. “It’s just baking soda with fragrance.” Using baking soda, vinegar and hydrogen peroxide and other household products will save money and are environmentally friendly, she said.
She also suggested that all members of families should pitch in to keep their homes clean.
“If everybody does a little job, (your home) stays clean,” she said. “If you train your children long enough, it’ll become natural to them.”
It’ll also help them out later in life.
“Teach your children the basic life skills, because you’re doing them a disservice if you don’t,” she said.
Heloise got a few laughs out of the audience when she asked some students to talk about their laundry habits.
The writer inherited the column from her mother, the original Heloise, in 1977.
Library Director Jan Willis called Heloise “one of the most down-to-earth speakers we’ve ever had at the library.”
Judy Putt, a Daily journal copy editor, introduced Heloise.
“Heloise is one of my favorite newspaper columnists,” she said.
Hilda Hill and Johnnie Sullivan made a special trip from the AvonLea Community in Tupelo to see Heloise Sunday afternoon. The women have been reading Heloise for decades.
“We were invited to a birthday party, but we said, we’re going to see Heloise,” Sullivan said.
Both women said they picked up a few tips to use at home.
“I’m going to use the hint about using peroxide in a slow drain,” Hill said.
Sullivan echoed her friend.
“We’re going to go back and tell everybody what we heard,” she said.
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