Here's the trick to taking pie on the road

By Ginna Parsons

By Kathleen Purvis
McClatchy Newspapers
Q: I want to put homemade whipped cream on a banana cream pie for a friend’s birthday. Will the whip cream “fall” if I take it to work and give it to her? Should I just get canned whipped cream?
A: Now, you know I’ll never tell you to resort to canned whipping topping. It has its uses, but most of them stop in college, the last time you can get away with squirting the stuff straight into your mouth.
Your pie will travel better, though, if you do a couple of things. First, make the pie and chill it. Then beat the whipping cream with a little confectioners’ sugar, maybe 1 tablespoon to 1 cup of cream. Confectioners’ sugar has cornstarch, which helps stabilize the cream.
Take the pie and the whipped cream to work separately and top the pie when you get there.
If you want the whipped cream to travel even better, put a sieve or colander in a large plastic container with a lid, line it with a coffee filter and spoon in the whipped cream. That will let any excess liquid drain off while the cream will stay fluffy.
If your co-workers are like mine, the pie won’t be around the office longer than a nanosecond anyway.
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