Highway solutions could come to Corinth

By Lena Mitchell/NEMS Daily Journal

CORINTH – Officials want to control traffic at dangerous and frustrating intersections in the city and the state Department of Transportation is lined up to help.
District transportation officials from Tupelo were in Corinth on Thursday to meet with the mayor, two aldermen, the street commissioner and city engineers to discuss intersection problems at U.S. Highway 72 and Parkway Street, Harper Road at Third Street, and U.S. Highway 72 and Fulton Drive.
The intersection at Harper Road and Third Street needs a traffic light, said Mayor Tommy Irwin, noting that there had been several collisions at the site in the past few weeks.
Street Commissioner Jim Bynum agreed that residents had found the intersection to be problematic. It lies only a few hundred hards from the entrance to Corinth High School and the high school football stadium.
Area Traffic Engineer Mike Sullivan said neither street is maintained by the state, so the city can proceed with the project as soon as it wishes.
The state would become involved in the installation of a signal at the intersection if the city asked to use federal funds for the project, said Jim Epps of Cook Coggin Engineers, the city’s engineering firm. He also estimated that the project would cost about $100,000.
The other intersection of major concern is U.S. 72-Parkway, where southbound and northbound traffic on Parkway often must wait through several light changes to make a left turn onto U.S. 72.
The problems there, where Liddon Lake Road is a fifth roadway crossing at the intersection, will have to be carefully evaluated for a permanent solution, Sullivan said.
The problems identified at the U.S. 72-Fulton Drive intersection can be handled by a district staff member can address, said Matt Dunn, assistant district maintenance engineer.
State highway staff will evaluate the concerns raised and give Corinth officials feedback on possible alternatives within the next few weeks. Sullivan said.
“I think we’ve made a good start,” Irwin said. “This is encouraging.”

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