Hill to file bill pausing Common Core

By Chris Kieffer

Daily Journal

TUPELO – State Sen. Angela Burks Hill, R-Picayune, will file a bill in January calling for Mississippi to pause implementation of the Common Core State Standards.

Speaking at a Tupelo Tea Party meeting called to raise concerns about the standards, Hill said the bill will be modeled after one recently signed into law in Indiana. It would call for more time for public study.

“It will halt further implementation of Common Core Standards and testing so we can have an open conversation we never had,” she said.

A member of the Mississippi Senate Conservative Coalition, Hill said she would have support of the group’s other 10 Senators. She said she also had some support in the state House.

The Common Core Standards are new guidelines for English and math instruction that were developed by the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers. They were fully adopted by 45 states and the District of Columbia.

About 60 people attended Monday’s meeting held at the BancorpSouth Conference Center. Both Hill and Heather Williamson of Freedom Works – who spoke via online video – said they were concerned that the standards were promoted by big corporations that would make money from their implementation.

Each also spoke about the loss of local control.

“Mississippi can certainly use higher standards, but there is a myth that Mississippi can’t have higher standards without Common Core and I beg to differ with that,” Hill said. “We have students in Mississippi who can compete with anyone.”

Mississippi’s problem, Hill said, is not its standards but its gap between top-performing schools and low-performing ones. Standards will not fix that, she said.

Hill said Common Core’s emphasis on rigor might be placing inappropriate strain on students.

“Sometimes with Common Core, we need to replace the term rigor with the term developmentally inappropriate,” she said. “Students need to get to a certain level before they can think abstractly.”

Hill and Williamson said Mississippi and other “cash strapped” states only agreed to adopt the standards in order to be eligible to apply for grant money under the Federal Race to the Top program. Mississippi was not successful in receiving such a grant.


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  • 1941641

    In response to this article I offer the following link:

    “Conservative Businessmen Challenging Tea Party Republicans”


  • barney fife

    The GOP is in serious trouble thanks to the TP lunatics.

  • Guest Person

    Rational people are starting to see the joke called the “Tea Party”. I have never seen a group so bent against change but never offer any ideas themselves.
    To govern is more than telling people how they should live.

  • Thile

    Where are Burks’s plans to raise education standards in Mississippi?

  • vickir1kingskid

    I am not a member of the Tea Party nor am I a lunatic, however, I totally agree with Senator Hill about Common Core!!! This untested curriculum was pushed on the states before it was even completed and many states signed to get the Race to the Top money BEFORE the standards were even written so they signed sight unseen just to get the money! Now THAT is the action of lunatics…..to accept something sight unseen into our state just to get money….in other words…our children were sold out for a little money! It is a little money compared to what this state will have to spend in years to come for the testing materials! Oh….and the same companies and groups like “Achieve” and the millions that Bill and Melinda Gates are pushing into it will be NOTHING compared to the Billions they will make from the testing materials!! Allowing the same people who wrote the “standards” ,which were reviewed by some of the top Childcare specialists in the nation and they gave it a bad review saying the standards were way too strenuous and did not take into consideration the capacity of children to interpret and learn at different levels and ages, to be the same companies that would get multiple MILLIONS in state dollars to provide the computers, data programs (you know like Microsoft….Bill Gates….)etc needed for these tests on a yearly basis….WITHOUT having to submit quotes or go through the normal process of winning a state contract…..now THAT is lunacy Mr. Barney Fife!!

    The majority in this state have no problem with change….we do have a problem with unchartered, untested change that was pushed on us by a few who just took the word of the people pushing the agenda that this was “good change!” I don’t know about many of you but I tend to think that the people who are pushing this curriculum might not be as objective as those who have no financial gain from it being approved!

    This is NOT about Democrat or Republican or Tea Party….this IS about our children!! Who are worth far more to us than a few dollars the federal government is shelling out to get its way! Even Bill Gates has been proven on video to say that “he hopes the education thing will work out!” He “hopes”…..he KNOWS it is unproven….he is using our children as guinea pigs in his socialist experiment….and I for one am NOT okay with that! I am thankful for Senator Hill and those who stand with her for standing up for our children!

    If this had not been rushed into place in basic secrecy and if a consortium of states and TEACHERS had really gotten together and come up with a curriculum that is truly STATE led and TEACHER written THEN it might have stood a chance of doing something good….BUT that is NOT what happened!! There were NO TEACHERS involved….that is what the 500 top childhood specialists had a problem with when they reviewed the standards at the request of the writers…but what they found was not what the pushers of this agenda hoped for. They recognized how poorly written it truly was and the fact that teachers WERE NOT involved greatly concerned these specialists! It SHOULD concern each of you and you need to be researching it instead of choosing to rant and rave about Tea Party lunatics. People from all political parties are opposed to this abominable curriculum NOT just Republicans and Tea Party people!

    Change can be good….BUT NOT all change is good…..if this nation has learned anything in the past 8 years we certainly should have learned that! Change brought about in deception and threats(and don’t bother to tell me that the teachers aren’t threatened about speaking out against Common Core because I know for a FACT that they have been!) does not lead to a good change! IF Common Core was so good then why at all of the meetings were any concerned parents STOPPED from asking questions or expressing their views? This happened all over this state and it is on video in many of those meetings! Several had Dr. Lynn House outright lying about what was in Common Core and trying to make concerned parents feel like they were crazy to question her…..well we do question her and all of those who have pushed this mess in! If it was so great, why wouldn’t they encourage people to ask questions so they could show them the proof of how wonderful it is??

    They don’t want our questions because they don’t have the proof that it is good because it is untested and they won’t know for years how it has affected our children just like Bill Gates won’t and even stated that he “hoped” it would work out! Now Mr. Barney Fife, if you want to call me a lunatic for daring to doubt this abominable thing, you go right ahead sir! I am in good company because there are more of us who oppose this than you have any idea of!

    • Thile

      You hate Common Core, you think it’s the worst, and you typed(?) a wall-o-text rife with exclamation points and ellipses. We get that. But like opponents of Common Core, no viable/feasible alternative to improve education and standards in our state.

      Screeching “OMGZ IT’S BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111!!!!!!tty!!!!!” achieves nothing. What plan has the Conservative Coalition offered? And attempting to get grade-level appropriate works of literature banned is not a plan to improve educational standards.

    • Guest Person

      Kentucky adopted Common Core in 2010 and saw their graduation rates increase from 80% to 86%. It is not the slam dunk that it works but it does show that it is not the end of the world the Tea Party claims it will be – or in you words “this abominable thing”.

      I can understand that the Tea Party can get about 60 people in the area worked up about this but in the real world it works better if someone offers real solutions instead of rhetoric like “it’s never been tested” or “the meetings are closed”.

      What scares me about the Tea Party types is that their thoughts are purely in the abstract and they can’t explain them they just “feel” or”believe” in them. They believe they are so right and everyone is so wrong – it is hard for me to see this mindset and it certainly is not a start to compromise.

    • 1941641

      And, vickir1kingskid, you are supposedly a “tested,” certified authority on public education from grades— thru — holding a degree in —————-from———– in year———–.

      I take it that you have considerable hands-on experience in your field. That you are familiar with all facets of Common Core while claiming it is an “abomination” even though several states have adopted it and are already and in the first stages of implementation. But, in the meantime, you and your Tea Party “Wacko Bird” associates are working furiously to discredit Common Core before it is launched in Mississippi a state that has a great need for it. We, including yours truly, are all too familiar with the TP by this time to allow it to have unfettered access to the CC Program (aka TP way or the highway; Cruz style hostage taking) Not This Time around, hopefully, Not Ever Again! Tea Party Member or not!

    • TWBDB

      I’m a middle-aged man who returned to graduate school just a few years ago. I was shocked to find recent college grads with serious deficits in writing and critical thinking skills. They could memorize and regurgitate information – they just couldn’t apply it. Having already spent half a career in the real world, with people from accross the country and around the world, it was easy to see where our region is falling short. It is my understanding that Common Core seeks to normalize this deficit by bringing all schools across the nation up to a higher level of excellence. I’m certain it is not perfect but again killing ideas and initiatives simply isn’t the way to encourage progress.

  • 1941641

    Well, Dad Dang It! It can’t be True!

    That in Mississippi Tea Partyism is Right, Rationalism (Common Core) is Wrong!