Holidays increase dangers for pets

By Susan Collins-Smith | Mississippi State University

FLOWOOD – The holidays are full of tasty treats, glittery decorations and shiny new toys, but for pets these things could mean big trouble.
And for pet owners, that may mean emergency trips to the veterinarian.
“During the holidays, we see a lot of emergencies,” said Dr. J. Darrell Phillips, hospital administrator of Animal Emergency and Referral Center in Flowood, an affiliate of Mississippi State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.
Partaking of all the holiday foods so plentiful this time of year is something most people enjoy, but the same should not be true for pets. Phillips encourages pet owners to be careful with food, as well as plants and holiday decorations.
Seek treatment by a veterinarian right away if a pet eats anything toxic.
Decorations, including ornamental plants, often can be the cause for holiday trips to the emergency veterinary clinic.
Being mindful and keeping dangerous things out of reach will help keep pets out of the emergency room. A few tips to help keep pets safe around holiday dampécor include unplugging the tree lights when unattended, not placing food gifts under the tree even if wrapped, and not using tinsel around cats.