Holland faces stiff contest from Plantersville's Kelly

PLANTERSVILLE – Claude Kelly said it’s time for the people of Plantersville to take their town back from the politicians.
Kelly, 57, is running in the June 2 general election against incumbent Mayor Gloria Holland.
“Right now a select few runs the town,” said Kelly, “but that has to stop. This town belongs to the people and that’s who I plan to give it back to.”
Kelly said that over the past four years, Plantersville’s residents have been left in the dark when it comes to city business. He said the lack of communication between the board and many citizens causes problems in the community.
The 56-year-old Holland, who is running for a second term, said she still feels that she is the right person to continue leading the town into the future.
“I can honestly say that this time has flown by over the past four years,” she said. “There has been so much we’ve done and still so much we want to do. We’ve been able to secure more than $800,000 in grants and donations over the past four years. That money has gone towards benefiting the town.”
Kelly admits that Holland has had some good ideas over the past four years, but said she only carries out one at a time.
“She can’t multitask and I believe as mayor you have to be able to do that,” said Kelly. “If I become mayor I will bring a new attitude to the office. I’ll be someone who listens to the people and take their suggestions. That’s what we need, that’s what I’ll be.”
– Danza Johnson, Daily Journa

Danza Johnson

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