Holland largely mum about GQ article



By Patsy R. Brumfield

Daily Journal

TUPELO – State Rep. Steve Holland, usually a master of the turned phrase, is nearly speechless about his own colorful, profanity-laced remarks published in a recent national magazine.

Holland, D-Plantersville, wasn’t the main focus of a GQ story – it humorously examined personalities and circumstances surrounding the sensational April arrest and release of Elvis impersonator Kevin Curtis of Corinth, initially accused on federal charges that he mailed poison-laden letters to President Barack Obama, U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker of Tupelo and Lee County Justice Court Judge Sadie Holland.

Judge Holland is Steve Holland’s mother, and he often admits to being “a mama’s boy.”

The lengthy GQ story, published in the October issue of the upscale magazine, features the eccentric Curtis and how he came to be the object of the federal investigation, which fell apart days after his April 17 arrest and incarceration, and then how authorities came to arrest ex-Tupelo martial arts instructor J. Everett Dutschke, with whom Curtis had a years-long feud.

Deep into that story, its award-winning writer, Wells Tower, expounds that if he were to diagram “the political dream-lives” of Dutschke and Curtis, their circles would intersect at Steve Holland.

In 2007, Dutschke ran and lost a contentious campaign as a Republican against Holland for the District 16 seat in Lee County. Curtis reportedly doesn’t know Holland but has suspicions the legislator knows something about Curtis’ conspiracy theory involving body parts and North Mississippi Medical Center, a situation which cost Curtis his janitorial job years ago.

The writer reports that he wanted to understand Holland in hopes he might better understand the Curtis-Dutschke rivalry. He describes Holland as “a gloriously profane and paradoxically genteel man of 58.”

In a fax to the Daily Journal late Tuesday, Holland said, “I think Mr. Tower wrote a very entertaining article.”

Holland reportedly told Tower that he didn’t know Dutschke before the campaign or why Dutschke disliked him so intensely.

Tower writes that “in a show of true hospitality and professional transparency,” Holland invited Tower to his funeral home business “to help him put a nightgown on a corpse.”

Across what may have been a period of days, Tower recorded Holland’s audacious chatter and quoted his liberal use of colorful language, laced with hard-core profanities. Holland also was quoted telling Tower how much he loves his funeral business and its profitability.

When the Daily Journal telephoned Holland for an interview about the GQ article, the usually vocal legislator said he didn’t think it was wise to get into print on this one. Not again, anyway.

But in his fax, he expressed gratitude that his mother is well after opening one of the suspect letters.

He also said he is “honored with wonderful friendships” and the confidence from families who “have chosen us to assist them in their time of need.”

Tower could not be reached for comment, but Holland did say the writer continues to email him and, for the story, followed him around for days with a recorder. He didn’t dispute how he was quoted.


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  • The-Facts

    Holland should have his
    Funeral License’s revoked!!!!!! That was someone Mother, Wife or sister. To
    have a complete stranger who did not work for his firm help dress a body is
    unethical and may be unlawful. Holland states on page five of the article “I can absolutely make love to a bull moose on the steps of
    the Lee County courthouse and garner more than 5 percent of the vote.” This GQ artical is a must read for all Lee county Citizens. WOW!!!

    • Christopher

      I’m sure that was only a joke, even coming from Holland. He’s always been kinda of a jerk and there really is nothing new here from this article.

      • The-Facts

        I can assure you
        this is NOT a joke! Read the GQ article!!! Do you think taking a non-employee
        in a embalming area to help dress someone’s family member is a joke? It
        happened, his own employees witnessed the act!

        • Christopher

          Well I did read the article but SURELY some of the author’s claims were made in jest or at least embellished. The entire article seems to be yukked up for more laughs. If Holland actually DID what was stated in this article, I think somebody needs to look at him as far as his ability to do what he does. I’ve suspected for years that he no longer needed to hold public office but this seems to verify my thinking that he is a certified nut and has no business holding any position of public trust.

          • Kevin Curtis

            No Christopher…the author is best selling author Wells Tower & a good friend of mine. He quotes every word spot on with the aid of a carry on portable recorder which picks up audio from 30 feet away.

          • Christopher

            So did this guy become your friend during your interview or are you saying he was your friend before this idea for the article came about?

        • Christopher

          What evidence do you have that his employees witnessed this?

        • Elvisguy

          Looks like ole Christopher is in DENIAL!!!! LOL He prob works for the organ harvesting unit in Tupelo. Give our best to Chris Truitt!!!! LOL

          I am KC and thanks to GQ everyone knows THE REST!!!!!

    • Kevin Curtis

      Thank you very much The Facts…I contacted GQ last week FOR STATS & they said this month GQ has broken Sales records! BOOYA North Mississippi!

    • Tammi Reeves-knott
  • chris

    what I found so disgusting was how he guilted people into spending more than they could afford and then gloated about it in the article. $900 worth of dignity and then they would buy something more than that. he knows how to take advantage of the poor and made them feel bad doing it all for a dollar. if he’s done 300 funerals a year, i’m surprised. I would not have anything to do with his funeral home if it were the only on earth. one thing is that author really doesn’t know what Holland does on his off time. Holland is an embarrassment, a hypocrite and ambulance chaser.

    • The-Facts

      Get in Line!!!!

      • chris

        is there a way to email you “the facts”? maybe we can see what each other knows.

        • The-Facts

          A Funeral Director friend of mine called the MS dept of health. Holland Filed 176 Death certificates last year. Call for yourself if you like. 300 funerals a year, Just another LIE…..

          • chris

            I think you meant that for Christopher.
            give me an email address or some way to message you.

          • Christopher

            Nah don’t think he meant it for me since YOU are the one who mentioned mental illness.

          • aaron

            not kevin Curtis, but the dj guest. why don’t you look up all that was mentioned on curtis’ mental illness problems.

          • Kevin Curtis

            Thank you SO MUCH for that piece of info “THE FACTS” Yee Hawww!

    • Kevin Curtis

      What “Mental illness “Chris”? The only person (TROLL) with any illness must be YOU b/c only an insane person would screw with ME right now with all I have been thru so come back with some cocky one liner like you puppets who TROLL all day with nothing better to do & watch how fast I drag ur sorry ass into a court room and MAKE you accountable for your statements and accusations. People like you make me sick. SHEEPLE..no SPINE…hiding behind a keyboard = 10 feet tall & bullet proof knowing you will NEVER have the guts to stand face to face with me & spout off at the mouth!!!! COWARD just like the Ricen sender DUTSCHKE.

      This is KC & I approve this message.

      PS Don’t miss the sneak peak of the new movie “I Didn’t do it” coming soon to a theater near you 🙂

      • Winston Smith

        Bet this wasn’t how you expected to get famous huh Kevin? 🙂

      • Christopher

        What in land’s name are you talking about? Troll? I’ve never seen you post here before and I post all the time. Did I ask a question you were unwilling to answer because I certainly made no one liners or accusations. If I misunderstood who your comment was intended for, I apologize. If your comments were directed at me, you’ve got issues because I said nothing to merit that kind of statement from you.

  • guest

    WOW! What a distraction – it almost makes people forget that our government is under partial shutdown and our country’s full faith and credit is being held hostage by a minority in Congress.

    • Christopher

      Yeah I feel for those folks that really believe that will happen. Sure we need to get this done but a default AIN’T going to happen. If you listen to our fearful leader. you’ll be hunting a place to hang yourself. It’ll get done.

  • The-Facts
    • Elvisguy

      dustypma will see MY face in 2 days in Lee county Court! Dots …..MORE dots to be connected. I am looking so forward to this…oh wait…the last time I posted that online….the entire National Law Enforcement & Army showed up to arrest me & make sure I got “DISTRACTED” and did not make it to Dutschke’s trial…Hmmmmm Guess I never learn…then again…I am from Mississippi Bahaha

      I am KC, there are MORE Missing Pieces & I approve this message