HOMEGROWN: Buxton’s Jewelry Store / Buxton’s Music Central

By Ray Van Dusen | Monroe Journal

Owners: R.G. Buxton and Bonnie Conner
Est.: 1947
Employees: nine
Music: 115 B. East Commerce St.
Jewelry: 119 East Commerce Street
Music: (662) 369-2222.
Jewelry: (662) 369-2681
Website: www.buxtonjewelrymusic.com
Email: buxtonjewelmusic@bellsouth.net

Buxton’s Jewelry Store/Buxton’s Music Central
ABERDEEN – November marks the 65th anniversary of Buxton’s Jewelry.
Even though it is a one-stop shop for rings, necklaces, bracelets, stones and such, it’s just as popular for its music equipment.
“Way back then, people would call around asking for guitar strings so I figured I’d let them know I had them by putting a guitar in the window. Pretty soon it sold along with about 1,000 more guitars,” said owner R.G. Buxton.
Buxton moved to Aberdeen from Hattiesburg and worked as a watch repairman before opening the business.
“With our jewelry store, diamond rings, jewelry sales and watch repair have helped keep us busy for many years,” said co-owner Bonnie Conner, who started working at the store for her father when she was 13 and returned with her husband, Lane, 27 years ago.
Through the popularity of guitars such as the original Gibson brand the store began stocking in the 1950s, the music side of the business has boomed.
Buxton’s carries guitars, banjos, mandolins, keyboards, amplifiers and music accessories. Buxton’s also sells band accessories for local marching bands.
A bulk of the music store’s success comes from its dealings with churches and public address systems. The business also is in charge of playing the music for downtown Aberdeen.
-Ray Van Dusen

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