Hood hit in pardon battle

By The Associated Press

JACKSON — An attorney for four of the former inmate trusties pardoned by then-Gov Haley Barbour says the state attorney general’s office “was smack dab in the middle of getting” the pardons approved but has hidden its involvement in the process.

Tom Fortner, a former Hinds County public defender, has filed two motions in Hinds County Circuit Court asking a judge to disqualify Attorney General Jim Hood from the lawsuit through which he hopes to overturn some of Barbour’s 203 pardons. The Clarion-Ledger also reports that Fortner seeks to transfer the case to another judge and for it to be dismissed.

Hood says Fortner’s motions, filed Friday, have no merit and “boil down to nothing more than an attempt by these convicts to say the governor is above the law.”

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