Hood: Some pardoned by Barbour gave proper notice

By The Associated Press

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood says he won’t challenge the pardons of 13 people who met a state constitutional requirement to publish a notice that they were seeking a pardon. The state constitution says the notice must be published for at least 30 days in a newspaper in or a near the county where the crime occurred.

The 13 were among about 200 people given reprieves by Haley Barbour during his final days as governor. They are:

Mark Hubbard Allen — Sentenced in October 1996 in Oktibbeha County for vehicular homicide. Discharged from parole supervision in January 2007.

Bobby Ray Camp — Sentenced in January 1993 for burglary and larceny of a building in Monroe County. Sentences discharged in February 1994.

Mabrie C. Gilmer — Sentenced in December 1990 in Warren County for manslaughter. Discharged in December 1992.

Jerome Francis Jackson — Sentenced in May 1989 in Jackson County for burglary and larceny. Discharged from probation in January 1993.

Herbert Lowery — Sentenced in March 1979 in Warren County for possession of marijuana with intent to deliver. Completed parole in March 1981. Granted a certificate of rehabilitation by Warren County Circuit Court in November 2007.

Kevin Bandouglas McCullough — Sentenced in March 2003 in Pike County for selling marijuana. Granted certificate of rehabilitation in January 2007.

David Willard Newcomb — Sentenced in December 2000 in Tishomingo County on methamphetamine charges. Discharged in October 2002.

Zachary Kane Polk — Sentenced in Oktibbeha County in 2007 for sale of a controlled substance. On parole since November 2009.

Barry James Sanderson Jr. — Sentenced in December 1994 in Harrison County for kidnapping. Probation ended in March 1998.

Dawn Renee Schaefer — Sentenced in Pike County in 1999 for shoplifting and conspiracy to commit felony shoplifting. Discharged in August 2002.

Jason Todd Shivers — Sentenced in Oktibbeha County in 1993 for sale of LSD. Received expungement order in July 1999.

Scott McLean Smith — Sentenced in November 2010 for sale of amphetamine in Lafayette County. Tentative probation discharge is November 2013.

Joel Warren Vann — Sentenced in August 1996 in Alcorn County for DUI death. Discharged from probation in May 2000.


Sources: Mississippi attorney general’s office; executive orders of former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour.

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