Hospitalized IAC students return home

Three Itawamba Attendance Center students who were hospitalized last week at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis following a school basketball practice are home.

According to officials with the Itawamba County School District, the three students all suffered had rhabdomyolysis, a fairly common condition among athletes both professional and amateur. It’s most commonly caused by extreme strain to a muscle area coupled with dehydration.

Itawamba County Superintendent of Education Michael Nanney said the injuries were the result of a “short” and “concentrated” 25-minute workout to the students’ leg muscles.

Itawamba County Times

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  • DoubleTalk

    Last couple of weeks it was reported differently. Now it is a common condition that Tupelo’s alleged Nationally recognized hospital could not treat and sent them to Memphis.

    • ultracreep

      From what I’ve seen of our supposedly wonderful hospital, you might as well have “send me to Memphis” tattooed on your forehead in case of accident.

  • 1941641

    This discussion reminds me that several years ago there was a medical clinic opened up here in Tupelo on Crossover Rd. It was (I think) a satellite clinic from Baptist Hospital in Memphis. I remember going there for medical treatment several times. I thought it was the greatest medical office I had ever been in at the time and, to me today, it still is. However, the clinic did not last too long. Rumor was that it was not wanted here to compete with NMMC. Or as it was explained to me: it was just not welcome in Tupelo. I don’t know how true that assessment is, but the fact is that, today, the clinic no longer exists.

    If I could have one last wish now, I would wish for that clinic to be re-opened right where it originally was, fully staffed and ready to take new patients. NMMC needs that competition that pulled up and left Tupelo years ago. It might help them to be a better medical service than they can claim to be today.

    It’s really surprising how many Tupeloans prefer to commute to Memphis regularly for their medical care as to utilize the services of NMMC.