Houston coach suspended for throwing chair

By Floyd Ingram/Chickasaw Journal

HOUSTON – A Houston School District coach has been suspended for three days after he tossed a chair out a door and it hit a student.

District officials said they have interviewed all involved and there appears to have been no malice on the part of the coach, their investigation is complete and the district is moving forward.

“Our first priority is students and when this was reported to us we immediately began asking questions,” said Houston School District Superintendent, Dr. Steve Coker. “There doesn’t appear to be any malice on the part of the coach, he has apologized to those involved and the situation, while serious, was an unfortunate accident.”

Coker said a group of students were horse-playing after lifting weights at the high school field house.

“We had one group outside teasing another group inside,” said Coker. “The coach, who knew all the students involved, told the kids outside to stay out and tossed a chair out the door.

“At that point one of the students stepped around the corner into the doorway and the chair struck him,” said Coker. “The student was carried to the emergency room where he was checked out and released.

Coker said any injury to any student or staff is always a serious concern of the district.

Coker said while it was an accident, a student was hurt by a teacher and the district decided to impose a three-day suspension on the coach.

Neither the coach nor the student involved were named by the district.

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