Houston solar team lands grant

By Floyd Ingram/Chickasaw Journal

HOUSTON – The Houston solar car teams have earned honor and recognition around the country and now they have earned a $2,750 check.
The Mississippi Technology Alliance presented a grant to the solar car program at Houston High School last week for their work in solar energy and technology.
“There is not another program like it in the nation,” said Sumesh Arora, MTA director of Strategic Biomass Solutions. “These kids have a sense of dedication and excellence. We saw a lot of good projects, but this one was at the top.”
MTA is a nonprofit organization with the mission to drive innovation and technology-based economic development in the state. Strategic Biomass Solutions’ main focus is to find ways to commercialize renewable energy resources, such as solar power.
The Houston Sundancer solar car team has repeatedly won first places ribbons in races across the country over the past 10 years.
At last week’s check presentation, Arora was shown a solar powered sprinkler that will water the Houston football field.
“They make these automatic sprinklers that crawl across a football field, but they cost $2,000,” said Houston teacher and Solar Car Sponsor Keith Reese. “We put the problem to our team and they built one.”
The solar-powered sprinkler has the power to pull a water hose up and down the football field in four hours. It cost the team $500 in parts to produce.
“This group of kids continues to amaze us every time we visit,” said Arora. “I don’t think this community realizes what this program does for students at your schools.”

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