Houston's Colbert Building renovation in high gear

By Floyd Ingram/Chickasaw Journal

The renovation of the Colbert Building continues at a fast pace and the future downtown Houston office and eatery is beginning to take shape.

Debbie Teasley and Mike and Carol Colbert recently purchased three buildings on the southeast corner of the Houston Town Square and contractors have been busy this summer painting, hammering and dressing brick.

“We have been very pleased with the structural character of the former Estes Jewelry building,” said Mike Colbert. “The original brickwork and the hand-cut floor joist are 26-feet in length and are magnificent.”

The building has been everything from a doctor’s office to a jewelry store and has a history that dates back to the 1880s. The building also has a lot of character and neat features from a day gone by.

“We have also uncovered several hidden architectural treasures in the 9,000-square-foot building, including six amethyst skylights,” said Colbert. “There are also tin ceiling tiles on the ground floor that we will continue to use with the old original globe lighting.”

The renovation of the first building started in December and construction plans call for it to finish up this fall. Colbert said plans are in the works to renovate the remaining buildings at a later date.

The Colbert Building will house two businesses; Colbert Land Services, LLC will occupy office space and an eating establishment called ‘Daisy’s On The Square’ will be open to the public. The eatery will front the building. Parking and a back entrance with a deck are also part of this renovation.

The upper floor will house conference rooms with wide windows and offices with spacious skylights. Front offices on the upper floor will open onto an elevated porch with a magnificent view of The Square.

The old basement will house the land company’s map room. A floating stairway will connect all three floors.

This is the first major renovation of a downtown building in years and this type of work is not easy on contractors or pocketbooks.

“There are so many people we would like to thank for moving this project forward,” said Colbert. “Mayor Stacy Parker, the Board of Alderman and all of the city employees have worked closely with us in an expeditious manner,” said Colbert. “Without all their help, this project and future projects might not happen.

“Also, we would like to thank our retail neighbors for being patient while this project is being finished,” said Colbert. “We understand the inconvenience to retail traffic parking and we are working diligently to finish this project.”

Colbert also thanked architects Jamie Weir and Michael Boerner of Weir amp& Boerner Architecture, and said they have strong ties to small town development and design. He also praised master builder Joe Gaskin, from Sturgis, who has a talent for this type of work and is managing local contractors and suppliers.

And the Colberts are urging the community to get involved with this renovation, too.

“We are currently in search of the history of our new buildings on the square,” said Colbert. “Please feel free to call our office at 662-456-5007 and share any information, documents or photographs.”

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