How about that snow? I love to see it snow, but that was about it for me

How about that snow? I love to see it snow, but that was about it for me. It was very pretty, but I didn’t even get out of the door.
I visited awhile with Charlie Mae Hester today for the first time in a very long time. She had just got home from a doctor’s visit. She seemed to feel pretty good and was happy to see me.
I had a big pine tree to fall from all of the rain and snow. I guess the ground was so soft it just toppled over. I am so glad it did not fall toward the house.
I have learned that Eloise Jones had an accident last weekend. She fell and broke her ankle. I don’t know if it was during the snow or not. Anyway, we wish her a speedy recovery.
Kevin Loden had an appointment with a surgeon in Tupelo this week for gall bladder. The surgeron told him it was not his gall bladder. We do not know what to expect. He goes back to the cancer center in Illinois on March 11. We are really hoping and praying for the best.
Laverne Hester was fitted for a brace today. She has back surgery on Tuesday. In fact, when this comes out her surgery will be behind her. We do hope for the very best.
Pam Stanford had knee surgery on Wednesday. She is home and doing okay except her pain medicine makes her very sick. We hope she does well. She starts her therapy on Friday. I can imagine how that is going to be.
On Tuesday, I had company for lunch. It was Angela Westbrook and Lisa Tomlin and Jessica and Sam Moore. We had a very nice visit but it was short because they were on their lunch hour.
Several people have called to ask about my sister, Jean Roberts, who had heart surgery. She is doing really good. She begins her therapy next week.
I caught Iris Nell Duvall for just a little while in the therapy pool at the fitness center one day this week. She has a very bad back problem. We had a good visit and caught up on a lot of things. I grew up with heer and her husband, Glenn. Between us we just about know everyone in Monroe County.
I want to correct my grandchildren’s names from last week. They are Westbrooks. Sorry about that.
A group of ladies got together on February 27 to celebrate the birthdays of Shellie Estis Brown and Christy Smith Edwards.
Those eating out and helping celebrate were Heather Smith Morrow, Carol Leech, Brandie Gray, Kellie Estis, Shirley Alred and Melanie Hopkins.
Last weekend had some unusual weather for Mississippi. On Friday it was stormy with lots of rain. We did not go to the wellness center because of the amount of rain. Neither did we get to go to MSU for baseball since the game was postponed until Saturday. We traveled to Starkville Saturday morning. Except for immediate showers and coldness, the games were enjoyable. Especially since MSU won both events. I did get cold though. It took me until bedtime to get my feet warm. Even though snow was predicted, we did not think that we would get more than a dusting. When we awoke Sunday morning, we were surprised to find that our car was completely covered with about two inches of snow. We heard that there was more in Monroe County. After checking with the First United Methodist Church in Starkville, we went to church. We also checked with MDOT to see about the roads between Starkville and Smithville. We were told that no roads were closed but to be cautious with bridges and overpasses.
While at the baseball game, we visited with Brad Jones’ parents Greg and Dianne Jones. They had Brad’s son Brody with them. Saturday was Brody’s first birthday. For those who don’t remember, Greg is the son of the late Big Foot Jones of Amory and Maydene Jones.
Sympathy to the family of Karen Lovelady who passed away recently. We taught her children Bill and Cindy.
One day this past week Adrian Sligh introduced me to Tim Dederick, pastor of Smithville First Freewill Baptist Church.
Also we learned that the Smithville Baptist Church has a new interim pastor, Wes White.
Happy birthday to Norman Gregory.
To report the news call 651-4788.
Wasn’t the snow beautiful? It was a spectacular beginning for March. Because of church cancellations, my husband and I enjoyed staying at home all day and doing little or nothing.
Edward and Mary Armon Gilliland spent the weekend in Germantown with the family of her daughter, Patricia Hooser. They went especially for a bridal shower honoring her granddaughter, Mary Ann Hooser, bride-elect of Blake Bryan.
Betty Thompson sustained a cracked pelvis due to a fall in Amory week before last. She spent one night in the hospital and is recuperating at home.
My last information on Eloise Wamble is that she is now a step up for CCU and allowed to have someone with her at all times.
Condolences to Lynn Murphree and her family on the death of James Murphy, the husband of her niece, Lacy. He died instantly in a vehicle accident on his way to work on Thursday. They had been married not quite three months.
Condolences, also, to Linda Baker’s family. Her mother, Dorothy Whitaker, of Hamilton, passed away in her sleep Wednesday morning.
Andy and Sylvia Anderson, from Fort Worth, have been here for a couple of weeks with her mother, Audrey Early, who is slowly recuperating from pneumonia. Their daytime help had to quit so they are looking for a replacement. Contact them at 256-8654 if you know of anyone.
Judy Ray has returned from a couple of days visit with daughter and grandsons, Libby, Will and Andrew Shea, in Olive Branch. Libby’s husband was out of town for a week, so she went just to keep her company.
Charles Strawbridge continues to recuperate at home, but is still under a doctor’s care.
Fifty-eight descendants and relatives of Lucille Milstead Hanna gathered at the Wren Community Center on Saturday for their annual supper commemorating her birthday, which was the 23rd. Those from the Coontail area were Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Tucker and children, Willa Sue Kendrick and family. From Wren were Tommy and Nell Lawson. The group included relatives from Pontotoc, Okolona, West Point, Aberdeen, Hamilton and Becker. Mary Sanders reported they had a delicious meal and good time visiting.
The Tranquilizers met Thursday with 15 members present for the usual games and food. Lou Booth gave the program.
At this writing, Lois and Nick Nicholson are still hospitalized, but Lois may be coming home today (Friday).
Congratulations to Taylor Allmond, who was selected to be on the Amory Middle School cheerleading squad. She is the daughter of our neighbors, John and Emily Allmond.
Dalton Cousar’s mother, Barbara Cousar, and his father, Tim Cousar, were among the honorees at a supper at Pickle Barrel. It was sponsored by the Amory Soccer Team Boosters Club to honor the parents of the senior members of the Amory soccer team. It was announced that Dalton is now considered an athlete scholar, which means he excels in both academics and athletics.
Eden Peapke, my great-niece, was inducted into the National Technical Honor Society recently at a ceremony at Amory High School. Her mother, Becky Tackett, attended.
A loving black and white, half-grown kitten showed up at our house this week. I had been looking for a more gentle cat than ours for my niece, Barbara, so perhaps he was sent for her. I plan to pick up some cat supplies and take him to her.
On Saturday, Page Thomason Jr., his wife Kim and daughter Haley surprised his mother, Dot Thomason, with a visit. Since they live farther south, they enjoyed the snow. Haley is a student at Mississippi State.
Sorry there is so much death and sickness in this column. Hope another week will be better.
Remember to call me with your news at 369-2353 or Vernell Savage at 256-5939.

Alice Ortiz

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