Hummingbird makes it through freezing temps

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Hummingbird makes it through freezing temps

CORINTH – A rare hummingbird that apparently preferred Northeast Mississippi to Mexico for its winter habitat made it through the subzero temperatures of last week’s winter storm.

The rufous hummingbird continues to show up at the bay-window feeder at Bill Glisson’s home. The Corinth barber said he worried about his little charge the night that freezing sleet and rain fell. He was relieved when the bird showed up as usual the next morning to fill up on home-brewed nectar.

Rufous hummingbirds are more commonly found in the western United States and usually migrate to Mexico during the winter.

Glisson believes that because the little bird made it through zero and below temperatures, she will make it through the winter.

“Maybe she’ll decide to stay,” Glisson said. “But after the weather this last week, she may decide to leave.”

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