I am writing about a loyal dedicated newspaper carrier that wi

I am writing about a loyal dedicated newspaper carrier that will not let sleet, snow, ice and rain keep him from doing his job.

We did not get a paper Feb. 2 or 3, Sunday night at 6:30, Mr. George Estell (bypassed paper box) was at our door with three papers. We did not expect a paper until the roads cleared up. He would not even come in the house for a hot cup of coffee because he had many other papers to deliver.

We have a friend (widow) who lives a good piece off Highway 5 and instead of throwing the paper on the drive, he takes it to her house every morning. She did not ask him to do that, he is so thoughtful and considerate of his customers.

Just wanted you to know we appreciate Mr. Ezell and also enjoy the Journal.

Mr. and Mrs. Otho Hoover


St. Patrick’s Day provides everyone an opportunity to celebrate our nation’s rich Irish heritage. As many of us her in Tupelo toast St. Patrick on March 17, we should take a moment to consider the contributions of those who volunteer to be designated drivers.

Why? Because designated drivers help do what even the luck of the Irish cannot: stop drunk driving. According to a 1995 Roper poll, 73 million American adults have been a designated driver or have been driven home by one, and 90 percent of the public endorse the designated-driver concept as an excellent or good way of curbing drunk driving. In fact, designated drivers have contributed to a 37 percent decline in drunk driving deaths from 1982 to 1994.

This St. Patrick’s Day, Cash Distributing Co., along with several of the most popular St. Patrick’s Day gathering places in Tupelo, will be working to continue that progress by reminding customers to use a designated driver.

As the Irish and would-be Irish congregate around town this St. Patrick’s Day, let’s all remember that having a good time means looking out for ourselves and others.

Steven Dyer

Know When To Say When Coordinator

Cash Distributing Co. Inc.

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