Ice storm ’94: Share your memories

djournal-generci-stockMany Northeast Mississippians awoke the morning of Feb. 10, 1994, to what sounded like the steady popping of gunfire. It was the cracking of tree limbs falling to the ground under the burden of the ice that had formed, and it was the beginning of Mississippi’s most devastating ice storm in the last 60-plus years. Most of Northeast Mississippi and areas to the west and southwest felt the impact. Power was lost for days, even weeks in some cases, roads turned into hazards, and the region’s treescape was permanently altered.

Were you living in Northeast Mississippi then? What are your memories of that morning and the days that followed?

The Daily Journal will be marking the 20th anniversary of the Ice storm of 1994 this weekend, and we’d like your contributions – including any photos you’d like to submit for publication in print or online.

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