Itawamba County School board cuts $15,000 from D.A.R.E.


FULTON – In spite of the Itawamba County school board’s recent decision to deny its $15,000 in funds for the D.A.R.E. program, the sheriff said the anti-drug program will continue.
“We’re going to continue on with what we’re doing,” said Itawamba County Sheriff Chris Dickinson, who refers to the program as the county’s flagship for drug prevention. “I’m not going to let the children suffer, even if we have to do it for free.”
Traditionally, the county’s school board pays about half the cost to run the D.A.R.E. program.
The program is also funded through contributions from the city of Fulton, the Itawamba County Sheriff’s Department and federal grants.
QEF extends Amory Panther tag project
n AMORY – The board of the Quality Education Foundation has extended its Amory Panther car tag project.
About 100 of the car tags were pre-sold, and a minimum of 300 must be pre-sold for the Mississippi Tax Commission to authorize production of the specialty tag.
The QEF is selling the specialty tags for $31 each, with $24 of each tag to return to the QEF, which in turn uses its funds for teacher classroom grants.
The deadline for the pre-sale of the tags was Oct. 15 and anyone who has already paid the money for one can either get their money refunded to them or wait until the QEF relaunches its sales campaign after the first of the year to hit 300 tags.
– Itawamba County Times
and Monroe Journal reports

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