Itawamba's people put us in the 'Top 10'

Dear Editor: Every year or so USA Today puts out a survey telling the world the top 10 cities of our country. I am surprised Fulton, Miss., has not made the cut. I was not born here, wasn’t even raised here. I am more of a transplant, but I feel that this is a special place with a lot of heart.
I have taught at Tremont, Mantachie, and IAC where I have met and served many of your children. What a gift you have given me in the form of caring, thoughtful and often amazingly kind children. I recently served in Jackson where other teachers talked about the problems in Mississippi schools, one being largely the lack of support from the community and parents. Well, I wanted to raise my hand and exclaim, “You’re not from Itawamba County schools are you!”
I have worked with other teachers to raise money for various events, field trips and functions. I have called area businesses where all they needed to hear was this was for our schools, and they were glad to help. They have given us merchandise, money, time and constant support.
We have outstanding citizens giving huge amounts of their time voluntarily to prevent dropouts and give our children a safe place to go. Thank you, A Way Out, you are definitely part of what makes this town a haven for our youth.
Thank you, Dr. Marquis and the SSI for your work to bring the symphony to our students. You have given the gift of confidence to our youth. They now have personal knowledge of the joy and appreciation that the fine arts can bring.
Thank you to The Itawamba County Times for reporting our county’s school events and student achievements. Your paper shows our students that their accomplishments and creativity do not go unnoticed.
Thank you, to the community for your work to provide two years tuition at ICC. Not many towns can boast the ability to send every high school graduate to college, giving the gift of opportunity to our students.
Work hard, and we will find a way. That seems to be Fulton’s motto. Not YOU will, but WE will. This town is right here with you every step of the way. I know that these are just a few of the many fantastic people and organizations that are making a difference in this county. I hope that you, the citizens of Fulton, will take the time to say thank you to those who work so very hard.
USA Today may have overlooked Fulton, but we know what a special little town we have. I am proud to be from Itawamba County, and I appreciate all of your work.
Tova Holder

Alisha Wilson

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