It’s as hot as … well

By Galen Holley/NEMS Daily Journal

TUPELO – Southerners tend to think in biblical terms, and when the temperature reaches triple digits, a certain place comes to mind.
“Well, the Bible says hell is hundreds of times hotter than here on earth,” said Jerry Edwards, as he walked north on Green Street on Thursday, his shirt soaked through with sweat.
“I don’t know,” said Eddie Jones, walking beside Edwards and shaking his head. “All I know is I sure don’t want to go there,” he said.
Temperatures this week rose above 100 degrees with heat indexes between 105 and 115 degrees.
The short letter of Jude in the New Testament speaks of the burning fire of hell, and there are numerous references scattered throughout the Psalms and the Book of Revelation, according to the Rev. Tom Groome of Tupelo First Presbyterian Church.
Newlyweds Chad and Tricia Arnold holed-up inside a local watering hole in the mid-afternoon, knocking back icy cold beverages. The Arnolds are church-going folks, but heat doesn’t particularly make Chad think of hell. It’s just a hard, brute fact that it’s hot outside, he said. Chad and his new bride both believe in a literal fire and brimstone hell, but they weren’t much worried that a sip on such an unmercifully hot day was going to send them there.
“They say one time a politician got elected one county over for promising to move January between July and August,” a bar patron shouted.
Ti Simpson chose the hottest part of the day to go walking downtown. He loves the heat, he said, and loves Mississippi.
“Hell for me would be freezing cold,” he said.

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