Jennifer Aniston's "sex tape" is anything but naughty with VIDEO


In short: The rumors aren’t true.

Sure, we — like everyone else — balked when we heard that the wholesome Jennifer Aniston was releasing a “sex tape.”

And while we’d love a big, smutty scandal before the close of Q1, we’re not willing to experience it at the expense of our favorite eternal victim.

But it’s a been there, done that situation for Aniston. Since she’s already used sex to sell cinema, this time, she’s using pseudo-sex to sell SmartWater.

Dubbed “Jen Aniston’s Sex Tape,” this lengthy attempt at a viral video campaign for SmartWater is anything but naughty.

Between an endearing appearance by YouTube sensation Keenan Cahill, a small army of nerdy “Internet boys,” being virtually enveloped by a flood of bow-tied baby Labs, an a-ha double rainbow parody, and of course, enough trademark hair flipping to raise your flag, it’s pretty much an Internet geek’s wet dream digitalized.

Satirical advertising that even the web generation may find forced? You’ll have that when you set out to create a “viral video.”

But marketing blunders aside, it still showcases Aniston at her seemingly unscripted best — candid, comfortable and certain.

It’s the quirky, girl-next-door Aniston that made you watch Friends, well into the twilight of the series. And frankly, we’re all for it.

Granted, it might not make you want to buy SmartWater. But you won’t wish for your three minutes back either.


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