Jobs, the economy top the list

By Lloyd Gray/NEMS Daily Journal

With less than two months remaining before the Nov. 6 election, Northeast Mississippians, like other Americans, are beginning to pay closer attention and ponder their choices.
The choices in the 1st Congressional District include U.S. House and Senate races and, of course, the presidential election. There also will be a state Supreme Court race on the ballot.
To gauge what’s on voters’ minds, Daily Journal reporters over the last couple of weeks visited a variety of places around the region where people gather. We asked the folks we talked with what their concerns were and what they’d like to hear the candidates talking about. We didn’t ask them who they’d vote for, but some volunteered their choices.
Not surprisingly, jobs and the economy were the most frequently mentioned concerns. While the national 8.1 percent unemployment rate is an overriding issue in the presidential race, the 16-county Northeast Mississippi situation is worse, with the jobless rate here hovering well above 10 percent. Health care, the viability of Social Security, government regulation and the deficit also came up frequently in our interviews.
What follows in today’s edition is not a scientific poll, but a sampling from a few of the places where people live, work and congregate – and our report of what’s on their minds.

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