Jon Cryer Talks Charlie Sheen Headlines: 'The Stuff You Hear Is Just Unbelievable'

By Yahoo! News

“Two and A Half Men” star Jon Cryer hit the set of TBS’ “Conan” on Wednesday night, where late night funnyman Conan O’Brien asked the actor about working with his co-star, Charlie Sheen, the day after he’s the focus of a new scandalous headline.
“It’s always a little weird because like the stuff you hear is just unbelievable,” Jon told Conan. “I mean like…I’m checking TMZ, as I do everyday, to know if I have to go to work at all.”

Jon went on to explain that when his co-star makes news for reasons other than the success of the show, it sets his imagination into overdrive.
“There was a story — they found Charlie’s car, which at that point was not yet a Maybach, but was another pricey car — at the bottom of a cliff. So you’re thinking, ‘Wow! Sure hope Charlie’s OK,'” Jon recounted.

“And he comes into work and it’s like, ‘Hey Charlie, how’s it going, man?’ And you’re checking for scratches, because my mind had come up with this whole thing that he’d crashed the car and then clawed his way back up the cliff,” Jon continued. “I said, ‘How you doin’ man?’ He said, ‘I’m doing OK, except that somebody stole my car and ran it off a cliff last night.’
“Normally, you would not believe that from somebody… but from Charlie Sheen you believe that, because that happened to him. Twice! That actually happened,” Jon laughed.

In fact, as previously reported on, last year Charlie was the victim of car theft on two occasions – once in February 2010 and again in June 2010. Both times, his pricey vehicle was sent careening down a cliff.

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