Judge opts not to order school to accept child

Tishomingo County does not have to admit Ryan Thacker, an autistic Prentiss student, while his lawsuit goes through the court.
By Lena Mitchell
Daily Journal Corinth Bureau
OXFORD – On Thursday Judge Michael Mills again declined to order the Tishomingo County School District to accept 6-year-old Ryan Thacker as a transfer student from Prentiss County.
Ryan’s mother, Deanna Thacker, had asked the federal court to issue a temporary order that would permit him to make the switch. She contended that Ryan had been mistreated at the Prentiss County school he formerly attended.
Deanna Thacker filed a lawsuit in February saying that Ryan – a student with a mild form of autism known as Asperger’s Syndrome – had been a victim of physical and verbal abuse at the school.
She asked the court for a temporary order that would allow Ryan to attend school at Burnsville in the Tishomingo County School District. Prentiss County had agreed to release him, but Tishomingo County had not accepted him.
Mills refused the restraining order in February, saying the administrative process for the transfer should be concluded first.
In March, the Tishomingo County School Board denied the transfer after receiving a report from the Prentiss County School District about the steps they were taking to educate Ryan. Prentiss County also said they would accept Ryan’s return to school in the district.
The Thackers’ attorney was unavailable to comment on whether Ryan will return to Prentiss County schools or how the case may proceed.
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Lena Mitchell

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