Kids eat Easter candy, rain or shine

By JB Clark/NEMS Daily Journal

TUPELO – Heavy rain put a damper on some Easter egg hunting events Saturday but Emery Gay Thomas, 7, made the best of it by eating Jolly Ranchers in the rain.
First Baptist Church Tupelo hosted an Easter egg hunt in conjunction with its Resurrection Run 5k at Robins Noble Park on Saturday morning. The hunt ended just as the rain began to come down.
Instead of hiding eggs at Ballard Park, Orchard Church volunteers handed eggs out under a pavilion.
Emery filled her basket with some of her favorite candy under the Ballard Park pavilion.
“I’ve got a lot, a very, very, very, very, lot of eggs,” she said while sorting out her candy. “The Jolly Ranchers are the best.”
First Baptist Church Senior Pastor Chad Grayson said more than 300 people participated in the morning runs and hundreds of children hunted for eggs.
“These kids go everywhere,” he said as the children lined up to start the hunt. “Hundreds of kids.”
Cole Kendrick, 8, said he didn’t get many eggs the last time he hunted but developed a solid strategy for Saturday at Robins Noble Park.
“Most of the kids will stop here,” he said pointing to the first cluster of eggs, “And we’ll go all the way over there and get the most of them. The best place to go is way in the back.”
Cole likes to get eggs filled with Reese’s.
Matthew Mayhall, 12, had a different strategy.
“I’m going right here first and get most of those eggs,” he said pointing to a small cluster of eggs near the starting line. “I like finding money in the eggs but money isn’t everything so I like finding candy too – Kit Kats and Snickers.”
The egg hunt lasted barely five minutes from the time the children started until the last egg was found and rain began to fall.
All proceeds from the Resurrection Run went to the First Baptist Tupelo’s missions fund.
“The greatest thing we do is share the gospel before we do anything,” Grayson said.
Orchard Pastor Bryan Collier said they decided to stick around the park even in the rain.
“The main thing is we just wanted to love on the folks in our community some – let them know that God loves them and that we care about them – so it’s a way of serving more than anything,” Collier said. “We’re giving everyone a hotdog and enjoying some music from the Orchard Hispaños, our Spanish-speaking worship service.”

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