Lafayette Metro Narcotics suspects identified

county_lafayette_greenBy Errol Castens

Daily Journal Oxford Bureau

OXFORD – Lafayette County Metro Narcotics has arrested nearly 30 suspects so far in a late April drug sweep. Suspects and the charges they face are as follows:

• Jeremy Word, 25, Amory – possession of marijuana with intent to distribute

• Andrew George, 32, Myrtle – possession of marijuana with intent; possession of tetrahydrocannabinol with intent

• William W. Robertson, 24, Jackson – possession of marijuana with intent; possession of tetrahydrocannabinol with intent

• Brishen Matthews, 23, Monticello, Arkansas — possession of marijuana with intent; possession of Xanax with intent

• Justin Wilson, 25, Oxford – possession of marijuana with intent

• Nicholas Taras, 21, Brentwood, Tennessee – sale of Vyvanse

• Chris Dohan, 22, Chaffee, Missouri – sale of LSD

• Aruthur Fountain, 19, Pascagoula – sale of marijuana (two counts)

• Jacob Aguilar, 21, High Point, North Carolina – sale of marijuana (two counts)

• Imani Lombard, 19, Gulfport – sale of marijuana

• Tyler Folkes, 24, Seminary – sale of marijuana

• Scott Sutter, 19, Oxford – sale of Vyvanse

• Dylan Walls, 21, Oxford – sale of Xanax

• Noah Howell, 22, Oxford – sale of Adderall

• Cardell Porter, 20, Bogue Chitto – sale of marijuana (two counts)

• Chane Kesler, 24, Oxford – possession of Vyvanse and drug paraphernalia

• Wesley Salmon, 22, Oxford – sale of marijuana, possession of marijuana with intent

• Reid Jefferies, 20, Cincinnati, Ohio – sale of DMT

• Francis Lawler, 21, Greenville – sale of marijuana

• Max Burke, 21, Ft. Myers, Florida – sale of marijuana

• Jackson Blue, 20, Collinsville – sale of marijuana (two counts)

• Travis Kirkwood, 27, Oxford – sale of marijuana (two counts)

• John Favazza, 19, Oakville, Missouri – sale of MDMA

• Josh Goldstein, 19, Gulf Breeze, Florida – sale of MDMA

• Stephen Rao, 18, Houston, Texas – sale of marijuana

At least three other suspects were charged only with misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia. Suspects are cloaked in the presumption of innocence until found guilty by a court of law.

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  • fedup

    So they arrested a bunch of 20 year old college kids for weed? What a joke! This state needs to get its priorities straight! This state needs to get out of the dark ages and quit wasting money and ruining young people’s lives! Jeez!

  • barney fife

    The mindless narco-bots bust a dozen kids for possession / sale of marijuana. What a croc of chit. Is the community safer with these hooligans off the streets?
    One has to consider just how many of those High & Mighty kops also smoke the evil weed now and again …
    Reform our marijuana laws and put an end to this societal insult of making criminals out of those who choose to partake in an adult recreational intoxicant that is not alcohol.