Landlady: Mayes a part-time Alpine resident

By Emily Le Coz/NEMS Daily Journal

The suspect in the case of a missing woman and her daughters had lived with his parents in the Alpine community only part of the time and in Tennessee the rest, said his landlady Mary Patterson.
For the past two years, Patterson said she has rented the double-wide trailer at 1343 Highway 9 North to Adam Mayes and his family. He lived there with his parents, Johnny and Mary Mayes, as well as a woman Patterson described as Mayes’ wife, Teresa Mayes.
All had moved from Tennessee, Patterson said, but she didn’t know from which city. White Pages showed a recent address for all four Mayeses in Jackson, Tenn., the same place from which Jo Ann Bain, 31, and her daughters – Adrienne, 14; Alexandria, 12 and Kyliyah, 8 – went missing.
Since the Mayes family moved in, Patterson said, they have maintained the property and often stopped by for neighborly visits. She said she can see their house from her front door.
“They were just friendly – friendly to everybody. Never met a stranger, that type,” said Patterson, who spoke to the Daily Journal by phone Monday.
Adam Mayes worked odd jobs, she said, and often left for weeks at a time to go back to Tennessee. Facebook pages for the suspect and the victims all link to each other, as well as to that of Teresa Mayes, and show various photos of them all together.
Patterson was shocked to learn two bodies were discovered Friday in the backyard of Mayes’ parents home. She said it doesn’t make sense.
“Oh, it scared the fire out of me,” Patterson said. “It worried me to death. The whole neighborhood is shook up about it.”
Local, state and federal agencies now are searching for Adam Mayes in connection with the Bain family disappearance. In the meantime, the FBI has yet to release the identities of the bodies found in the backyard.
The rest of the Mayes family has since moved into a motel, Patterson said.

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