Large meth lab found in Pontotoc County cemetery

By Mississippi Department of Public Safety

JACKSON – Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics agents are looking for the individual or individuals who used a Pontotoc County cemetery as a location to cook crystal methamphetamine.

On Tuesday, January 26, 2010, narcotics agents received a call from the care taker of Ware Cemetery in Pontotoc County, Mississippi. The care taker reported a chemical odor and several strange looking bottles scattered throughout the cemetery.

Upon investigation, agents found a large methamphetamine dump site. Several cans of starter fluid, large amounts of battery waste, and approximately 24 cook bottles along with HCL generators, were found.

Judging by the amount of waste materials and methamphetamine precursors, it appeared that approximately 24 methamphetamine cooks were done at the cemetery site.

“This is the perfect example of how meth addicts not only harm themselves but can hurt those around them and the environment. This is why we need legislation passed to schedule pseudoephedrine based medications. Requiring a doctor’s prescription to obtain pseudoephedrine would make it almost impossible to cook meth on such a large scale,” said MBN Director Marshall Fisher.

House Bill 512 and Senate Bill 2339 would require a doctor’s prescription to purchase pseudoephedrine based medications. Both bills have passed.

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