Last week, Republican state officials and U

By Dr. Ed Hollilday/The Rev. James Hull

By Dr. Ed Holliday, Point

Last week, Republican state officials and U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker welcomed seven more Mississippi Democrats into the Republican Party. Leake County Sheriff Greg Waggoner attributed his switch to the Democrat Party’s endorsement of same-sex marriage. But Mississippi is not the only state seeing defections to the GOP. Alabama’s Harvard-trained African-American and former U.S. Congressman, Artur Davis, last week announced his decision to leave the Democratic Party. And just four years ago he enthusiastically endorsed Obama with a rousing speech at the Democratic National Convention. What’s up with this trend, James?
Before you answer let me tell you about Pennsylvania and DemocratIc Commiteewoman Jo Ann Nardelli.
She announced that when she received her agenda from the Democrat Party espousing same-sex marriage she could not do it. Like her father before her she is Catholic and a Democrat – had been all her life, but no longer is she a democrat. She said, “God is the reason for all being. We have to follow our faith.”
Whether it is the new taxes on medical devices from Obamacare or the mountains of regulations squeezing the small town banks coming from the Dodd-Frank Law, more and more citizens are rebuking the new laws and mandates pushed by the Democrats.
Ridiculously, the EPA is now flying drones to spy on cows in Nebraska, will Mississippi farmers be next? When our small town banks start selling out to the bigger banks because they cannot afford to hire more staff to manage the unprecedented paperwork mandated by the Democrats, then will the towns in Mississippi be better off without locally owned banks?
I don’t think so. When job creation and common sense takes a backseat to left-wing pipedreams we see dunderheaded decisions like the killing of the Keystone pipeline.
James, there is a reason for this season of political change. It is the lunge to the far left by the Democrat Party. President Obama is driving the bus, but more and more Democrats are jumping off that donkeymobile. Expect more defections from the Democratic Party in the near future – in Mississippi and across America.
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CounterPoint by Rev. James Hull
The short answer is very simple. This is from the May 29 issue of the Daily Journal: “During a Wednesday news conference at the state Republican headquarters in Jackson, Leake County Sheriff Greg Waggoner said he has run as a Democrat since 1999 but voted for Republicans for president and governor.”
Sheriff Waggoner wasn’t a Democrat in the first place. Being a Democrat for many Mississippians has been like being a Christian, many are so in name only. I believe you Tea Partiers call your side RINOs (Republicans In Name Only). Both sides have them. Most of these folks stay covered until they feel it’s safe to come out of the closet, because there is always safety in numbers.
As far as the “same-sex” marriage issue goes. I am staying in the party and speaking against it from the inside. Cowards run for cover. Brave men stand and fight. I consider myself a man and I would like to believe I have some bravery about myself. For all of the Catholics, Southern and Missionary Baptists and others who oppose same sex marriage – like I do – the easy way out is to run away from the party over one issue. But I don’t see the Log Cabin Republicans running away from the GOP because of your party’s stance on homosexuality: former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott once called homosexuality a sin. I agree.
But there is a larger point to be made regarding Democrats running to the Republican Party, and it is, I believe, that they are leaving the party which cares about people and people’s lives. You want to talks about jobs: Mississippi has the 41st highest unemployment rate in the country.
Education? Last
Income? Last.
Obesity and Infant Mortality? Last.
So, with only one Democrat holding a statewide office, Mississippi now joins Alabama, Louisiana and Kentucky in the ranks of the “red” states. Alabama, Louisiana and Kentucky, by the way join Mississippi in the bottom five of all the country’s critical statistics.
So how has that red state Republican leadership worked out for them?
Rev. James Hull is an award-wining journalist and a political consultant. You may contact him at

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