LEAPS will release Tupelo Public School survey data on Thursday

By NEMS Daily Journal

TUPELO – A community group formed to support Tupelo Schools will release the results of its recently-conducted online community survey on Thursday at 6 p.m. at the Summit Center. All Tupelo citizens are invited to the presentation by the Leaders Engaged for the Advancement of Public Schools, Inc., or LEAPS.
The organization is “working to identify gaps that exist between the priorities of the schools and community, and to encourage positive changes in the best interest of teachers, parents and students,” according to a press release it sent late Friday night.
“Our common aim is to reiterate the voice of concerned parents, teachers, students, and citizens who have taken part in the Tupelo LEAPS initiative, and who care deeply about the state of our Tupelo Public Schools”, said LEAPS President Rob Hudson in the press release. “We are all in this together, as a community. Our schools cannot be truly successful without the support and respect of our community.”
Following Thursday’s presentation, LEAPS will meet with parents, teachers and students to continue the dialogue.
“This report is the first step as we fulfill our commitment to the public”, LEAPS board member Lisa Hawkins said in the press release. “Everyone knows we have work to do to improve our schools, but it will take a positive effort from all Tupeloans to find creative solutions to put Tupelo back on top. In order to move forward, we must work together with openness on a platform of respect and responsibility.”

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