Lee County E911 invites public to mall meeting

TUPELO – Lee County Emergency 911 is staying true to it’s newly adopted slogan of “Keeping You Informed,” with today’s meet and greet at The Mall at Barnes Crossing.
Agencies including the Natchez Trace Parkway, Tupelo Police Department, Salvation Army and Tupelo Fire Department will set up at the food court and answer questions from people about how the agencies operate.
Some equipment also will be demonstrated.
The event will be from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Director of E911 Paul Harkin said keeping the public informed on how to use 911 and how the system works is vital for its success.
“This is just a way for us to let people come and talk to us without having to call for an emergency,” said Harkin. “We want to give them some tips on what we’re looking for when they call us so we can better serve them. We want them to know what types of things to call for and who to get in contact with. This meet and greet helps us just as much as it will help the public.”
Tupelo Fire Chief Thomas Walker will be on hand to answer questions about how the fire department works within the 911 system.
“We want people to know that when they call 911 with an emergency, no matter what it is, the proper people will be dispatched to help them. If it’s a fire, it will be us or whatever department they are closest to. The E911 system is probably the most important tool we use in emergencies. It is how we know what is going on and where to go to take care of it.”
Said Harkin: “We work with other agencies to serve the public. That is the reason we want to have this event to simply let people know this is all for them and their safety.”

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