Lee County reading fair winners

I just received the final results from the Lee County School District’s reading fair, which was held on Tuesday.

Here are the winners for each division:

Division A
Sophie Crouch, Saltillo Primary

Division B
Bryant Perkins, Shannon Primary

Division C
Megan Davis, Saltillo Primary

Division D
Destaan Buchanan, Verona Elementary

Division E
Laikyn Boozer, Saltillo Elementary

Division F
Mitchell Tharp, Mooreville Middle

Division H (Grades 4-8 Nonfiction)
Cayson Hankins, Mooreville Middle

Division J (K-3 Group)
Mrs. Greer’s Class, Shannon Primary

Division K (4-8 Group)
Hunter Tate and Jeremy Hallmark, Mooreville Middle

Division M (K-3 Family)
Max and Ray Arcand, Saltillo Primary

Division N (4-8 Family)
Logan and Mary Morgan Lyle, Mooreville Middle and Mooreville Elementary

Congratulations to each of them.

Click video to hear audio