Lee County Sheriff's office heads child support roundup

By Danza Johnson/NEMS Daily Journal

TUPELO – Six down and 23 to go.
That’s Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson’s count on who’s been arrested for failure to pay child support.
The department kicked off its Family First campaign Wednesday night to round up delinquent non-custodial parents, some owing as much as $35,000 in unpaid support.
Sheriff Jim Johnson said that at the beginning of the year he had 40 orders from Chancery County for child support arrests. Since then some of the parents have made arrangements to pay and some have turned themselves in to police.
During the first three hours of Family First, six people were arrested.
“We’ve had one person to owe $200,000 by himself in a previous case,” said Johnson. “It’s our job to get these people brought in so the children can start receiving their support. It’s not easy to round up 40 people, especially when you have people who have moved away. But we have to try.”
Johnson said his deputies are searching for the people on his list throughout Lee County; however, at least one man has called from Memphis saying he was one of the wanted individuals.
Unlike with other crimes, when people are arrested for failure to pay child support, they cannot bond out of jail or pay off what they owe by working daily at the Lee County Work Center.
They have to pay the full amount of what’s owed before they are released. Johnson said the longer they stay, the harder it is to get caught up.
“It doesn’t matter if you are in jail six months, you still have to pay the entire amount,” he explained. “And on top of that it keeps getting added too because child support doesn’t stop because you are in jail.”
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Lee County delinquent child support roundup list:
– Mario Dillard, 22, owes $1,792.27

– Terry Simmons, 42, owes $21, 540.70

– Marshall Jewell, age unavailable, owes

– Akeem O. Vaughn, 26, $8,081.17

– Manny Bowdry, 49, owes $4,576.91

– Demarcus L. Thomas, 26, $18,572.23

– Robert Jermaine, 24, owes $5,855

– Cedric Montgomery, 24, owes $4,368.75

– Joshua O.Watson, 23, owes $1,415

– Pamela Rooker, 28, owes $2,070

– Norman Terrell, 38, owes $26,915.52

– Jarvis Bramlett, 47, owes $3,959.73

– Waren W. Arnold, 47, owes $46,353.85

– Charleston Depriest, 37, owes

– Terence L. Gilmore, 38, owes $8,904.88

– Vincent Lenard, 41, owes $5,850

– Adrian McAllister, owes $11,875

– Mitchell W. Keys, 41, owes $1,230.44

– Marcus O. Randle, age unavailable, owes

– Wayne Fisher, 46, owes $15,644.27

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