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By Philip Moulden

Daily Journal

Angered by a mass dumping of old tires along a rural county road, Lee County officials have vowed a crackdown on illegal dumping and littering.

“All we need to do is catch a few people and prosecute them, I think that will send a message,” said County Administrator Ronnie Bell. “When we catch them we intend to ask the full penalty of the law.”

About 60 old tires were recently strewn along County Road 2790 in north Lee County, Board of Supervisors President Billy Davis noted.

The tires were spread fairly evenly along about one mile of the roadside, clearly indicating they were thrown from the back of a truck as it was driven down the road, Bell said.

“That’s about the increment they were in,” he said.

County officials called on Crime Stoppers in hopes of getting outside information on the incident. Crime Stoppers offers rewards for information.

“Maybe somebody will have seen something,” Bell said.

Sheriff’s officers also found a tag on one of the tires that might enable them to trace it to the culprits.

Bell said the dumpers could be fined up to $50 for each discarded tire, creating a total penalty of around $3,000.

Officials urged all county citizens to watch for illegal dumping and littering and to be prepared to sign affidavits against violators.

Local officials have voiced growing concerns this year about a general rise in illegal dumping and roadside littering.

Supervisors arranged several roadside cleanups this year, but the efforts are quickly wiped out by a new deluge of trash, they say.

District 5 Supervisor Thomas Kennedy this week renewed a call he made earlier this year to put sheriff’s officers in unmarked cars to look for litterers. All deputies have been instructed to watch closely for violators.

“They (dumpers) need to know we’re going to do whatever we can do to catch them,” Davis said. “And whatever the law will allow us to do to them, I favor the most we can do.”

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