Lee defendants appear in court

TUPELO – Drug cases dominated spring indictments by a Lee County grand jury.
Monday, more than 100 indictees heard the charges against them and pleaded not guilty. Many met with their private or court-appointed attorneys.
They’ll be back July 22 for a pre-plea day to discuss their options with prosecutors before the August term of circuit court.
Although perhaps a dozen cases were non-drug offenses, the rest ranged from possession of cocaine, marijuana and methamphetamines to conspiracy to manufacture meth and sell cocaine.
The Lee Justice Center’s second-floor hallway was lined with defendants and their families Monday, and in the courtroom others waited to speak with their legal representatives.
The Lee County grand jury met March 11 and returned the indictments, but who was charged generally is not known until the person is arrested and the case information is posted in the circuit clerk’s computer data base.
The posting began two weeks ago and was completed late last week.
The May term of circuit court will focus on cases from earlier grand juries.
The next grand jury is set to convene June 15. Its proceedings are secret, although the results become public after arrests are made.
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Patsy R. Brumfield/Daily Journal

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